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Cisco Announces Winners of the Second Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence Program in Europe at The Pioneers Festival, Vienna

Five early-stage startups focused on the Internet of Everything, Smart Cities and Big Data/Analytics, selected to accelerate growth and innovation in Europe
May 28, 2015

VIENNA, May 29, 2015 – Today Cisco announced the five winners of the second Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence (Cisco EIR) Program in Europe during the Pioneers Festival in Vienna.  Cisco EIR is designed to support early-stage entrepreneurs working on the next big ideas in the Internet of Things/Everything (IoT/IoE), Smart Cities, Big Data/analytics, and other areas strategic to Cisco.  The winners from Europe have undergone a rigorous multi-phase selection process, including a final pitch during the Pioneers Festival, focused on the viability of their business plans, the strength of the teams and their alignment with Cisco’s strategic focus on IoE. 

The winners are: 

·     Aircloak (Germany)    Aircloak Analytics is the first system to combine high accuracy analytics with strong anonymity.  It brings together a unique blend of advanced technology along with unprecedented transparency and oversight.  Aircloak Analytics frees up user data, enabling new use cases and ways to monetize.

·     Intelliment Security (Spain)    Intelliment Security revolutionizes the management of network security policies. The company’s software offers a unified interface for managing firewall security policies with a unified interface that is independent from vendor and network technology.

·     CoroNet (Israel)   Coronet detects and evades eavesdropping, interception and manipulation on WiFi and Cellular networks, making devices indivisible to attackers. The CoroNet product includes a client that is installed on the wireless endpoint to autonomously counter attacks on the communication layers, and a server side application.

·     Sensewaves (France)   Sensewaves provides a cloud deployed, distributed, scalable platform providing energy utilities and industrial IoT platforms with time series analytics on the fly and impactful insights on the connected assets.

·     Wittos (UK)   The Wittos Smarter WiFi Hotpot is an on-premise software solution that sits on top of the WiFi network of a local space.  The solution enables local spaces to heighten the customer experience to generate greater loyalty and sales.

The Cisco EIR Program, launched in the USA in August 2013 and in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia (EMEAR) in July 2014, aims to nurture early-stage startups working on the next big ideas for the Internet of Everything (IoE).  Once on-board, each cohort of entrepreneurs spends six months in residence with Cisco and Cisco partners in Vienna.  The Cisco EIR Program offers the successful startups the opportunity to build a strategic relationship with Cisco, access to co-working space and software, financial support and potential strategic funding from Cisco.

“Our goal with Cisco EIR is to create an environment that embraces strategic freedom while giving participating startups potential opportunities to collaborate closely with Cisco,” said Mala Anand, Senior Vice President, Cisco Services Platforms Group. The first European EIR cohort has been a tremendous success and the program is gathering momentum, as evidenced by the fact that we received double the number of applications this year in collaboration with Pioneers.  We are very excited to welcome the new five companies to EIR and look forward to our future collaboration.“