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Cisco Launches Smart+Connected™ City Operations Center to Provide Single Pane of Glass for Video, Application and Sensor Data in Control Rooms

Deploys Solution for Unified Infrastructure Management Experience at Korea South-East Power headquarters in City of Jinju
Feb 18, 2015

Miami, Fla., Cisco IoE and IoT Regional Media Forum – Feb. 18, 2015 – Cisco today announced the Cisco® Smart+Connected™ City Operations Center, a software solution that helps to simplify control room operations with a single pane of glass approach to integrate video feeds, applications and sensor data from city and enterprise operations visually overlaid onto geographic map information. The solution helps to increase operational efficiency and helps city managers, safety and security operations, emergency dispatch and operations staff react quickly to events based on real-time visibility of critical information.

The development of Cisco City Operations Center was the result of a collaboration between Cisco's Internet of Everything (IoE) Innovation Center in Songdo, South Korea; the Cisco Korea IoT Investment Fund; and the dedicated collaboration and investment with technology company N3N, also based in South Korea.

The City Operations Center solution integrates N3N's Innowatch software solutions with Cisco's Video Surveillance Manager, video storage, collaboration, and other Cisco core technologies running on the Cisco Unified Computing  (UCS) System architecture.

The solution has already been implemented at Korea South-East Power (KOSEP), a power generation company based in South Korea, to allow for real-time monitoring of its remotely located six power generation plants from its headquarter office in Jinju, South Korea.  The Cisco City Operations Center solution deployed at KOSEP utilizes a video management solution called Pixel on Demand to maximize bandwidth efficiency of video feeds flowing into the system by only sending changes to the video images.

KOSEP's deployment includes the integration of more than 1,500 surveillance cameras managed by Innowatch running across 56 Cisco UCS servers for consolidated management. The South Korean-based power supplier will now be able to monitor environmental waste disposal data through integration with tele-monitoring system (TMS), monitor its disaster control system and power management system, a 24-hour automated alarm system, surveillance and operation system monitoring, and 3D map navigation.

Cisco Optimizes Management for Smart Cities

The Cisco City Operation Center solution enables the monitoring and control of dynamic activities involving high-resolution image processing, real-time video feeds, data integration, and various data and alert signals. The solution is an end-to-end integrated platform that provides a unified management experience for cities by providing a single-pane-of-glass view for multiple data sources, such as a display of information from video, applications and sensors all on a single map.

This relies on a consolidated city infrastructure, which integrates data and feeds from multiple partner applications and underpins our ability to offer analytical insights.

The Cisco® Smart+Connected™ City Operations Center solution can be deployed in a variety of operations center environments including:

  • City Operations – Consolidate and create an integrated operations center with information from VSM, partner-based analytics applications, network deployed, applications, and view of multiple sensors deployed in a city environment
  • Parking Operations – Consolidate video, parking sensors, meters, and networks in a single pane of glass for ease of management
  • Traffic Operations – Consolidate and create a traffic service center with integrated traffic situation display, lane control system, and a road weather information system
  • Port Operations – Create an integrated operations center and deploy a video bandwidth efficient Solution with CCTV video feeds from around the world to remotely view container numbers
  • Real Estate Operations – Create an integrated operations center to remotely manage thousands of buildings, integrating video feeds with satellite map diagrams, alarms and sensors

Beyond Traditional Operations Management

The Cisco® Smart+Connected™ City Operations Center solution can help cities break new ground by moving past traditional models of city operations management. The solution helps to prevent issues with conventional operations management systems by helping to eliminate:

  • The need for numerous workstations to manage multiple data sources
  • Hardware reconfigurations when connecting with third-party systems (avoiding additional costs for hardware integration and programming as the system grows)
  • Bandwidth performance issues, specifically as the number of cameras increases

For more information:

  • An At a Glance overview of Cisco City Operations Center is available here

Executive quotes:

Hongseok Kim, deputy general manager in the Technical Research Team at KOSEP:
"Any anomalies detected in our facility are immediately reported with various types of data including video for accurate situation assessment. We can now take preventative actions to any possible incidents that may cause severe damages upon the plant's assets, environment and staff around the facility. Since deployment, the monitoring system has reported 207 anomalies, resulting in savings equivalent to $770,000."

Munish Khetrapal, managing director, Smart and Connected Communities Solutions, Cisco:
"The Cisco City Operations Center solution efficiently ties into Cisco's smart city strategy while helping to deliver an end-to-end architectural management approach for our customers."