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Cisco Unveils Analytics Strategy to Help Customers Access, Analyze and Act on Data – from the Cloud to the Data Center to the Network's Edge

New Analytics Software Leverages Network Intelligence to Translate Data into Actionable Business Insight
Dec 11, 2014

SAN JOSE, CA – December 11, 2014 – Cisco today announced a comprehensive data and analytics strategy and solutions portfolio. The Cisco Connected Analytics for the Internet of Everything portfolio will help customers extract value from data generated by a rapidly expanding ecosystem of connected people, processes, data and things that together forms the Internet of Everything (IoE). The portfolio includes easy-to-deploy software packages that bring analytics to data regardless of its location.  

To date, analytics solutions have been designed to help organizations apply analytics and extract useful insights from data that was mostly created within the organization's four walls, and almost always resided in a centralized data store. Today, that model of analytics is severely challenged. Data generated by IoE is increasingly massive, messy, everywhere – and on the move. It's coming from every imaginable source and often from the edge of networks from mobile devices and sensors. Key decision makers are struggling with how to make sense of the data and use it to their advantage, while IT managers are struggling to provide the business with all the data they need in real time. A new Cisco study finds that 40 percent of survey respondents regard the inaccessibility and inability to interpret data as the biggest obstacle to translating connections into actionable insights. Cisco Consulting Services also estimates that analytics will drive $7.3T of the $19T IoE opportunity over the next 10 years. To capture this opportunity, a new approach is needed to get analytics to the data for instant insights.

Cisco is combining intelligent networks and infrastructure with data virtualization to enable customers to access highly distributed data, while adding analytics capabilities to extract valuable insights. This powerful combination allows customers to correlate historic data at rest with real-time streaming analytics at the edge, enabling customers to immediately respond to threats, dramatically improve business operations, and provide their employees and customers with the best experience possible. Through its leadership in the Intercloud, the world's largest global network of clouds, Cisco enables organizations to bring together centralized and widely distributed data within the organization and incorporate data created and stored in public and private clouds.

Cisco Connected Analytics for the Internet of Everything

The Connected Analytics for the Internet of Everything portfolio is designed to give organizations across industries access to near real-time information, predictions and trends that can have an immediate impact on their business. The portfolio includes:

  • Connected Analytics for Events: Uses insights from Wi-Fi and device usage reporting to provide immediate visibility. For example, it can be used to evaluate sports fan behavior. Understanding what fans are doing, where they are in the venue and what kind of experience they are having allows organizations to make split-second decisions that will enhance the fan experience by indicating for example, where concession stands need additional staffing or where extra event security may be needed.
  • Connected Analytics for Retail: Correlates in-store video camera feeds and Wi-Fi data with existing operational data such as inventory. Retailers can track in-store patterns and use existing video technology to determine, for example, where shoppers are spending more time in the store and which shelves need restocking, information that can immediately be used to improve shoppers' experience and drive better store performance.
  • Connected Analytics for Service Providers: Provides intelligence based on patterns in networks, operations and customer data. End-to-end visibility helps service providers improve network planning and understand infrastructure investments in the context of service usage/adoption, and customer and competitive dynamics. These insights help service providers deliver a better and more personalized experience such as more accurate recommendations on the types of movies a customer may enjoy or the ability to send out alerts regarding usage in advance of billing cycles.
  • Connected Analytics for IT: Provides business intelligence and insights to help align IT capabilities such as data management and data governance with business objectives. For example, analytics can be applied to align implementation of new IT capabilities such as deploying collaboration technology in new branch offices or by understanding evolving security requirements in real time so organization can mitigate risk by improving cyber security.
  • Connected Analytics for Network Deployment: Analyzes the network for operational efficiencies, resolution of incidents and visibility into network deployment. It allows organizations to detect issues before they happen for proactive problem resolution and to make future strategic decisions on how to drive maximum network stability and performance at the lowest possible cost.
  • Connected Analytics for Mobility: Uses location analytics to analyze wireless networks and provide insights about Cisco Service Provider Wi-Fi solution customers. By learning about Wi-Fi use patterns and adoption, service providers can proactively plan Wi-Fi capacity, improve business operations and uncover potential new revenue opportunities such as how to tailor pricing plans based on customer usage.
  • Connected Analytics for Collaboration: Measures the adoption of collaboration technologies internally so a company can analyze Cisco Collaboration applications. For example, an organization can track how many employees are adopting the collaboration technology, how they are using it and what kind of ROI they are seeing from collaborative selling or how the technology is helping reduce travel costs.
  • Connected Analytics for Contact Center: Provides visibility across an organization's entire call center services to deliver actionable recommendations that help organizations understand their customers, provide better service, and improve customer satisfaction. For example, with this visibility, organizations can make adjustments to ensure that the right calls are routed to the right level of service in a timely manner. 

These offers build on Cisco's innovative IOx platform, which allows customers and solution providers across all industries to develop, manage and run software applications directly on Cisco® industrial networked devices, including hardened routers, switches, and other devices.

John Ola Bergaplass, Chief Technical Strategist, Connected League, Norsk Toppfotball (NTF)

"To truly deliver a connected league experience, we know there are three key elements for success – enthusiastic fans, relevant content and an integrated, networked approach. With Cisco Connected Analytics for Events, we will be able to better understand our supporters' behaviors and actions immediately and deliver them an enhanced match experience. For example, we will be able to offer specials to fans at the nearest concession stand based on previous purchases or deliver video highlights and statistics of their favorite player as the action unfolds on the pitch. It is truly exciting to be moving in the direction of harnessing more intelligence around our supporters' experience to further customize the environment and place them at the center of the action."

Edzard Overbeek, Senior Vice President, Cisco Services

"There is a massive shift in the market where the remote device at the edge is quickly becoming an incredibly strategic tool to share and collect data, enable more informed decision making, and deliver the best customer experience possible. But, if customers don't have the right analytics solutions in place to make sense of it, that data is useless. Now with Cisco's portfolio and broad partner ecosystem, we have the right footprint to drive analytics innovation and help customers turn data into actionable insights that can transform business outcomes."


The Connected Analytics portfolio is globally available. Consistent with Cisco's ongoing commitment to partners, the portfolio will be enabled through a specific program to help them expand their practice.

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