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Cisco Helps Enterprises Lower Energy Usage With New Software And Services Offerings

Cisco EnergyWise Suite Gives More Visibility to Increase Energy Efficiency and Reduce Energy Costs of Connected-Devices
Nov 20, 2013

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 20, 2013 – Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) today announced new solutions and services in the Cisco EnergyWise™ Suite that help enterprises become more energy efficient, reducing costs and carbon emissions. The expanded portfolio is based on the integration of recently acquired JouleX software with Cisco's existing services offerings and EnergyWise technology.

Cisco EnergyWise Suite helps to reduce energy costs by monitoring, measuring, and managing the energy usage of all network-connected devices and systems regardless of vendor or device type, including switches and routers, servers, access points, IP phones, laptops, monitors, and even ATM machines, using automated energy analytics and policy-based optimization. IT energy use represents the last and largest unmanaged business expense, accounting for 25 to 80 percent of enterprise energy consumption, according to Gartner Dataquest's Forecast of IT Hardware Consumption. Therefore, the potential gains in deploying a solution to manage this cost are substantial. As more devices are connected in the Internet of Everything, it's becoming even more important for organizations to find a solution to manage and lower these costs.

Cisco EnergyWise Suite new solutions and services:

Cisco EnergyWise Fast-Start trial software:

  • Cisco offers a free, trial license of the EnergyWise Management software that provides basic energy and ROI reports; monitors energy of any device, data center and distributed office connected to a Cisco intelligent network. 
  • Additionally, the EnergyWise Fast Start trial software provides a snapshot of IT devices of energy usage and potential savings areas.

Cisco EnergyWise Discovery Service

  • This new service helps identify energy waste and create benchmarks to reduce energy and carbon footprint based on reports generated from the EnergyWise Management software. 
  • As part of the 90-day service engagement, Cisco will conduct an energy audit with detailed requirements and information collection, product installation and energy baselining, biweekly energy discovery reporting, and a detailed executive summary upon conclusion.

Cisco EnergyWise Optimization Service

  • The service is focused on delivering energy optimization for IT infrastructure, including 100 percent visibility into data center energy use for all physical and virtual devices and reduction of IT energy costs by 35 percent throughout distributed offices. This service is also available as part of the Cisco® Network Optimization Service.
  • Organizations can respond to an energy event quickly and increase efficiency by identifying equipment to virtualize, retire or better manage from this added visibility in the data center or automate policies to power down IT devices when not in use in the distributed office.

Cisco EnergyWise Management for Distributed Office software:

  • The network-based software and support solution allows companies to use existing infrastructure to quickly begin seeing, measuring, and managing the energy consumption and utilization of all connected devices within their office and building environments. Customers are able to save up to 35 percent of their IT energy costs, and the typical return on investment is achieved in as little as three to six months.
  • The software subscription includes: EnergyWise Management for Distributed Office; software support and Cisco TAC 24 hour by 7 days a week support.

Cisco EnergyWise Management for Data Center software:

  • The network-based software and support solution allows companies to use existing infrastructure to quickly begin seeing, measuring, and managing the energy consumption and utilization of all connected devices within their data center. Customers gain 100 percent visibility into energy analytics to help them automate asset discovery and inventory, increase energy efficiency and increase agility within the data center.
  • The software subscription includes: EnergyWise Management for Data Center; software support and Cisco TAC 24 hour by 7 days a week support.

Cisco EnergyWise began as the name of a Cisco IOS software-based network protocol used to measure and control the energy use of an enterprise's IT network. Now, with Cisco's acquisition of JouleX, Cisco has extended the EnergyWise name to include software and services that help customers see, measure, and manage the energy use of all the connected devices across your distributed office and data center environments, regardless of device type or vendor. Cisco EnergyWise Suite of software has demonstrated compelling results, helping customers across a range of industries such as financial services, telecommunications and throughout the public sector cut their energy costs by 35 percent on average.

Cisco EnergyWise Suite is now available through accredited Cisco partners. JouleX employees have been integrated into Cisco Services.  


"Most companies don't have an assigned energy management professional. EnergyWise provides the technology that allows businesses of all sizes (and across every industry) the level of visibility and management needed to reduce costs, increase employee responsibility and strengthen their corporate sustainability profile," said Faiyaz Shahpurwala, Senior vice president of Cisco's Industry Solutions Group. "When customers are recouping costs as quickly as three months, companies have more funds to reinvest in other areas of growth." 

"With JouleX now fully integrated into Cisco, we've created solutions that will help address a significant issue with the newly formed Cisco EnergyWise Suite that helps customers reduce their operational expenses, use energy more efficiently, while lowering their carbon emissions. These software and services offerings enable new consumption models for both existing and new customers and partners," said Tom Noonan, general manager of Cisco EnergyWise Solutions and former JouleX president/CEO.

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