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Cisco and Andorra Telecom explore the opportunities associated with the Smart Connected Communities initiative

Both companies agree to examine possible collaboration areas to optimize urban management, improve the quality of life of citizens and promote economic growth
Feb 28, 2013


Madrid, 28th February 2013. – Cisco has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Andorra Telecom to jointly study potential opportunities in relation to the Cisco® Smart+Connected Communities™ (S+CC) strategy. The aim of this strategy is to transform the physical spaces of cities into intelligent communities connected with one another, thus helping ensure their economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The MOU's primary aim is to study and outline potential services based on IP networks capable of improving urban management and the quality of life of citizens of Andorra, as well as boosting its economic development.

The first joint activities of Cisco and Andorra Telecom will be aimed at sharing knowledge, experience and best practices associated with Cisco's S+CC-enabled services. This will involve holding debates, roundtables and seminars.

This collaboration also aims to investigate new business opportunities and share experience on pilot projects already carried out in the segment of intelligent cities. Cisco and Andorra Telecom will create a joint steering committee to monitor their progress with the objectives of the MOU.

Statements in support


·       Jaume Salvat, Andorra Telecom general manager

"Andorra Telecom offers top-quality innovative services in order to provide citizens, tourists, businesses and public organisations in the principality with value. By exploring with Cisco the possibilities that Smart+Connected Communities solutions based on IP networks can deliver, it will be possible to define and create new services capable of optimising the management of our communities, improving social inclusion and promoting the creation of new economic activities, obtaining important competitive advantages for Andorra."


·       José Manuel Petisco, Cisco España general manager

"Overpopulation, efficient use of energy, budget optimization and promoting economic growth are some of the challenges facing the urban centres as well as the councils which manage them. The Cisco Smart+Connected Communities platform relies on network intelligence to help to solve these problems and convert the way in which the communities are designed, constructed, managed and renovated, thus guaranteeing economic, social and environmental sustainability. S+CC services help create a more sustainable environment with better opportunities for citizens, companies and public organisations to progress."


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About Andorra Telecom

Andorra Telecom manages the integrated communications and training services associated with telecommunications within the Principality of Andorra consisting of telephone, television and internet. Under its brand name SOM the company offers a whole raft of products which create added value for both individual customers and companies and organisations in the country.

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