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Sitel Moves to Cisco Nexus Platform and FabricPath-Enabled Data Center

Slovakian Internet Exchange Operator Now Able to Offer Customers New Services and Service-Level Agreements
Jan 21, 2013

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia – Jan. 21, 2013 – Today, Cisco announced that Sitel s.r.o. has implemented the Cisco Nexus® 7000 switching platform enabled with the latest Cisco® FabricPath technology for its Bratislava-based data centers. Sitel is a data center and dark fiber network provider that currently carries about one-third of Slovakia’s total data traffic. Many of the world’s leading service providers use Sitel’s service Sitelix as a central exchange for managing peer-to-peer traffic.

The Nexus switching platform helps enable Sitel to offer attractive new services and service-level agreements for downtime and disaster recovery, along with improved application performance. With the Sitelix offering, service provider customers can benefit from interconnections with other TV and media content providers, along with a wider choice of connectivity options.

Key facts, highlights

  • Sitel implemented the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series, a comprehensive one-platform solution for the data center core network. Cisco Nexus 7000 runs on Cisco NX-OS Software and is specifically designed for the most mission-critical deployments.
  • Cisco Nexus with FabricPath provides Sitel with a platform for improving the quality of the customer experience and customer satisfaction. The FabricPath switching system uses the multipath capabilities of the network layer to increase scalability and bandwidth. To help ensure lower end-to-end latency, a major factor in mitigating application performance degradation, Cisco FabricPath routes server-to-server communications over the shortest path possible.
  • In addition, with Cisco FabricPath, virtual LANs can be extended across the data center, allowing any application to be hosted on any server. This approach has contributed to a 10 percent reduction in provisioning times for Sitel.
  • The Cisco solution was implemented in just three days. The deployed platform provides an important pillar for future development and can be easily extended to the full Cisco CloudVerse™ solution.

Supporting quotes

  • Lubo Cheben, sales director, Sitel

“Having multiplied capacity, Sitel is well-positioned to scale its business model, from 10 Gbps today right up to 100 Gbps in the future. Network availability has risen from three-nines to four-nines. That’s a significant competitive advantage and means we can offer our customers more favorable service-level agreements for downtime and disaster recovery. Better use of network links should see bandwidth costs diminish over time. Should market conditions change, we can adopt a pay-as-you-grow approach and simply add or remove line cards based on customer demand for services.”

  • Marian Okres, project manager, Sitel

“Cisco Nexus with FabricPath was an easy choice. It provided high-density data transport, virtualization across our two data centers, and close to maximum availability. Applications are no longer tied to racks, so it’s much easier to accelerate new service requests or carry out upgrade projects. Faster onboarding of services has helped to speed up sales cycles and time-to-revenue.”

  • Patrick Schmidt, director, Data Center Technologies, Cisco Central Europe

“Cloud services require the highest agility in operating workloads; and network scalability and virtualization are the foundation for this. With Cisco Nexus and Fabric Path, Sitel has chosen the best-of-breed technology in the market with leading cost-performance ratios for data transport and related cloud application operations.”


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