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Netelligent Introduces Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Powered by Desktone, Cisco and NetApp

Multi-tenant Desktop Virtualization Architecture Enables Cloud-Hosted Virtual Desktops on Demand
Apr 16, 2012

St. Louis, MO — April 16, 2012 –– Netelligent, a leading provider of cloud and managed services, today announced a partnership with Desktone, Inc., the pioneer of Desktops as a Service (DaaS), to offer cloud-hosted virtual desktops. Netelligent will leverage Desktone's DaaS Platform, along with Cisco's® Unified Computing System (UCS)  and NetApp storage systems, to deliver full-featured virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) as a service on demand to any device.

Netelligent is a unified communications leader, providing cloud, virtualization, networking and telephony services to large enterprises and private organizations. Through its partnership with Desktone, Netelligent will expand its services to offer cost-effective cloud-hosted full Windows 7 virtual desktops that can easily scale to meet customer needs. By leveraging Desktone's DaaS technology, Netelligent can provide end users with secure, convenient access to virtual desktops delivered from the cloud, without the need for costly on-site infrastructure. 

"Because Desktone's mission from day one was to provide a platform for DaaS from the cloud, we are able to pass on the efficiencies created by cloud computing but still can offer a full-featured Windows 7 desktop experience," said Aaron Stone, CEO, Netelligent. "Desktone is clearly at the market lead because, based on their approach, customers can expect far more from what they receive from a shared session terminal service offering."

"DaaS is making it easier and more affordable than ever for enterprises to realize the benefits of VDI," said Peter McKay, CEO, Desktone. "Desktone's DaaS Platform is the industry's only multi-tenant cloud-based virtual desktop solution, designed to seamlessly integrate with enterprise IT environments and quickly scale up or down with changing business needs. This flexibility enables service providers like Netelligent to provision and deploy desktops to any end user device in just minutes at an unbeatable price."

Desktone's multi-tenant cloud architecture makes it easy and cost effective for service providers to deliver virtual desktops as a service. Unlike other single-tenant solutions, Desktone's platform lowers the cost of delivery by providing a common management and orchestration layer. Netelligent can quickly and easily provision desktops for usage on tablets, smartphones, laptops or PCs, without having to rely on physical hardware or software.  By leveraging the cloud, DaaS eliminates the cost and complexity of deploying and managing virtual desktops for enterprises of all sizes.

Cisco UCS is a key component of Cisco CloudVerse®, a framework that combines the foundational elements needed to enable organizations to build, manage and connect public, private and hybrid clouds.  Cisco CloudVerse combines these key cloud elements – Unified Data Center, Cloud Intelligent Network, and Cloud Applications and Services – enabling businesses to realize all of the benefits of clouds: improved agility, better economics, enhanced security and a dynamic, assured experience. 

"Cisco is committed to helping its service provider partners succeed in the marketplace by offering cloud-ready solutions that enable them to deploy differentiated and profitable services," said Phil Sherburne, vice president of engineering, Cisco. "By combining Cisco's expertise in cloud and virtualization environments with Desktone's multi-tenant virtual desktop platform, we make it easy for service providers to deliver Desktop Virtualization as a Service to end user customers on their journey to the future Workspace."  

"Netelligent is one of several organizations collaborating with NetApp to help customers gain greater efficiency and flexibility," said Julie Parrish, senior vice president, Worldwide Partner Sales, NetApp. "The Netelligent DaaS built on NetApp storage allows Netelligent to provision thousands of new desktop images for its customers within minutes. Combined with NetApp's industry leading storage and management efficiencies such as FlexClone and OnCommand, Desktone's DaaS Platform helps Netelligent to minimize the cost of its services for customers. NetApp technologies such as NetApp FlashCache and clustering ensure that the Netelligent service is always available and that latency is minimized to ensure that customers achieve the best possible hosted VDI experience to achieve business success."

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About Netelligent

Netelligent's vision is to make technology invisible to the business.  Netelligent allows clients to focus on their core business by offloading mature IT services like voice, video, storage and sever virtualization.  By diluting the capital cost traditionally associated with investments in IT infrastructure, the business can reclaim its ability to be agile and innovative as opposed to reacting or responding to market conditions.  Netelligent is ready to help in determining what model of IT consumption best benefit's each client organization, be that procurement for in-house deployment, network management or complete outsourcing to the cloud.  Netelligent was founded in 2003 and is located in Chesterfield, Missouri.  More information about Netelligent can be found through their website at  

About Desktone

Desktone is changing the way people buy and manage desktops. Desktone pioneered the concept of cloud-hosted Desktops as a Service (DaaS), the easiest and most affordable way to deploy hosted virtual desktops. The Desktone Cloud, Desktone's DaaS offering, provides all of the benefits of virtualized desktops without any of the hassles. By delivering virtual desktops in the cloud, Desktone enables enterprises to rapidly provision desktops to users connected on any device, anywhere, without the upfront costs and complexity of traditional desktop virtualization – transforming desktops from a CAPEX to OPEX item. Founded in 2007, Desktone is funded by Highland Capital and Softbank and is headquartered in Boston, MA. For more information, visit