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Presidents of Pacific Alliance Countries Participate in First Virtual Summit

For the first time, TelePresence is used to discuss regional challenges without the need for travel. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos dubs the meeting an "Historic Presidential Summit"
Mar 06, 2012

Bogota, Mexico DF, Lima, Santiago and San Jose, March 5, 2012.  – The President members of the Pacific Alliance made the first virtual presidential Summit today through TelePresence. This summit was possible thanks to Telefónica and Cisco.

During 90 minutes the Presidents of Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica and Panama (by telephone) were able to specify the fundamental points for the signature of the treaty for the "Pacific Alliance" where the four main members will be Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile with Costa Rica and Panama as observer members.

"Today we have made an important step, as we were able to make this summit possible through the collaboration of Telefónica and Cisco. From my first day in the government I proposed a virtual summit as it saves money and they both helped us to make it possible," said the President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos at the end of the summit. "This represents a precedent for other ministers and presidents as they can avoid uncomfortable trips. This modality facilitates diplomacy at a regional level and in the future, at a global level. We celebrate that this virtual summit has been successful and with good results," said President Santos.

In Mexico, Chile and Colombia, the Presidents used the TelePresence rooms located in Los Pinos (Mexico), Casa de Nariño (Bogota) and Palacio de la Moneda (Chile). In Peru and Costa Rica the Presidents used the TelePresence rooms at the Telefonica and Cisco local offices respectively.

Cisco TelePresence is an innovative collaboration advanced technology which integrates developed audio, ultra high definition video and interactive elements to provide a "face-to-face" meeting experience through the network. Through Cisco TelePresence face-to-face meetings can be organised without the need to travel, with the ease of making a telephone call, which facilitates collaboration, productivity and decision making.

Government of Chile

President participated in Virtual Summit with his peers of the Pacific Alliance


Government of Colombia

At virtual Summit, Presidents of Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Peru approve agreement for Pacific Alliance

Government of Mexico

President Calderon leads Pacific Alliance Virtual Summit

Government of Peru

III Virtual Presidential Summit Pacific Alliance;

Government of Costa Rica

Costa Rica will be part of the Pacific Alliance as an observer

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