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Cisco Asia Pacific NetRiders 2011: Winners

Educating the architects of the networked economy, Malaysia, Philippines and Sri Lanka emerge champions at the prestigious regional ICT competition
Dec 06, 2011

SINGAPORE - 07 Dec, 2011 – The Malaysian team was declared the winner at the annual Cisco Asia Pacific NetRiders 2011 competition held by the Cisco® Networking Academy® - an information and communications technology(ICT) education program that prepares students for careers in the 21st-century global economy. This is the second time that a team from Malaysia has won the highly coveted title, and their prize is an all expenses-paid trip to the United States as well as bragging rights for the next 12 months.

The Cisco Asia Pacific NetRiders 2011 competition was one of the largest real-time video competitions held in Asia, with students from 17 countries using Cisco TelePresence® and Cisco WebEx® to demonstrate how organizations can collaborate across geographic and cultural barriers while earning carbon credits.

The students, currently enrolled in the Networking Academy program that develops their ICT, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, were tested in the areas of computer network hardware design, configuration, development and maintenance. The competition creates an interactive experience and enhances classroom learning while providing the students with a chance to showcase their networking skills to talent recruiters in the ICT and networking industry. To date, more than 16,000 Networking Academy students have competed in the Cisco NetRiders events across 80 countries.

Team Malaysia, comprising Chan Eng Siang from the Multimedia University and Lim Yu Jie from the Tunku Abdul Rahman College, aced the two levels of testing in this competition: first, a theoretical exam and then, an online network configuration through a computer simulation test using Packet Tracer 5.3.

In second and third place, respectively, were the teams from the AMA Computer University in the Philippines and the Lalith Athulathmudali Vocational Training Center in Sri Lanka.

ICT Education Transforming Nations

Education has a profound impact on the way people live and the choices available to them during their lifetimes and a firm foundation for lifelong learning, unlocking the doors to opportunity and prosperity. Countries are also using technology and the internet as the basis for national transformation agenda by improving efficiencies, increasing competitive advantage, empowering individuals towards a knowledge-based, future-ready society and as a result, improve national GDP.

Cisco Networking Academies in the Philippines and Sri Lanka fosters network-enabled social innovation in human capital development, entrepreneurship and community empowerment. The governments of Sri Lanka and the Philippines recognize the importance of ICT as a catalyst for the country's social and economic transformation.

Sri Lanka currently has 1,632 students currently enrolled in the program and more than 3,247 students have received ICT focused education since the program inception in 2001. Sri Lanka currently has 961 Cisco Certification Ready students.

In the Philippines 69,298 students are currently enrolled in the Networking Academy program with more than 222,496 students graduating from the program since it started in 1998. The Philippines has 32,983 Cisco certified students.


  • Sandy Walsh, regional director of Cisco's Social Innovation Group in Asia Pacific

"Congratulations to all of the students who competed in this exciting event. We are delighted that Cisco Networking Academy has been able to provide this opportunity for students to showcase their skills and collaborate with their peers in an immersive hands-on competition. We look forward to seeing these talented young people continue to pursue careers in the growing information technology field."

  • Chan Eng Siang, Captain of winning team: Team Malaysia

"The questions were difficult but we already anticipated that and were prepared for them. Still, we didn't think our scores were good enough to make us champions, so we're really pleased that our hard work has paid off.  It was a good team effort, and all of us can't wait to start our study trip in San Jose. We are also proud that this is the second time that the winning team is from Malaysia."

  • Yuri Wahab, managing director for Cisco in Malaysia

"Team Malaysia thoroughly deserves the title of Asia Pacific champions as they worked hard to ensure that they are well-equipped with the knowledge to tackle the challenging questions. Their work ethics and perseverance makes me proud and I look forward to seeing them in the ICT industry in the near future."

  • Ansary Julas Naga, Captain of 2nd place team: Team Philippines

"We are excited that we finished second, of course we were aiming to be the winners – the competition is a good challenge for us as we put our knowledge to the test. Congratulations Malaysia and Sri Lanka and thank you to our instructors and schools for the training and opportunity."

  • Stephen Misa, managing director for Cisco in Philippines

"I believe that a highly-skilled workforce will provide the foundation of the Philippine's ability to compete in the global economy, and being in the top three spot shows that the Philippines does have what it takes to be a world-class ICT hub. Cisco is committed to partner with the government and private sector to further develop talent and skills, and steer the country's ICT standard to greater heights."

  • Prabath Kalana Weerasinghe, Captain of the3rd place team: Team Sri Lanka

"It is an honor to be part of the top three teams at Cisco Asia Pacific NetRiders competition and we are grateful to our teams, the instructors and schools for their support. We're looking forward to beating everyone else in next year's competition! Congratulations to our peers in Malaysia and Philippines for their wins."

  • Bina Raj-Debur, Regional Head, Social Innovation Group, India & South Asia

"ICT can help developing economies participate in the global economy, but a highly-skilled workforceis needed to fill the labour market demand of the ICT sector. We believe that our NetAcad students will definitely set the benchmark for high quality ICT professionals in the region, as we strive to be a top destination for a global businesses looking for strong and dynamic ICT sector."

Cisco Networking Academy

In partnership with educational institutions, government administrations and community based organizations around the world, the Networking Academy delivers ICT education through effective in-classroom learning combined with innovative cloud-based curricula and tools to prepare students for careers in the 21st-century global economy.

The Networking Academy began in 1997 with 64 schools and has grown to become one of the "world's largest classrooms" with 10,000 academies in 165 countries, and nearly 4 million students having participated in the program to date..The Networking Academy is Cisco's flagship social investment program across the globe.

In Asia Pacific, there are more than 1,370 Networking Academies operating in 27 countries that have instructed more than 922,000 students.

Networking Academy courses are delivered in multiple languages through a pioneering cloud-based learning system that teaches students how to design, build, troubleshoot, and secure computer networks for increased access to career and economic opportunities in communities around the world. 

Students who complete the program often go on to secure entry-level career opportunities, participate in continuing education and achieve globally recognized career certifications. Courses are supported by classroom instruction, hands-on learning activities, and interactive online assessments that provide personalized feedback. Networking Academy instructors receive extensive training and support to help ensure a consistently-enriching learning experience for students around the world.

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