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Cisco Networking Solutions Increase Security and Mobility with Cloud Services for Branch Offices

Bass Pro Shops Implementation Demonstrates How New Cloud-Based Wireless Services Reduce Deployment Time, Complexity and Cost for Remote Sites
May 10, 2011

SAN JOSE, Calif. – May 10, 2011 – Furthering its leadership in networking, Cisco today announced new solutions that continue to enhance mobility and security at branch offices without adding new in-branch hardware or support burdens.

Using cloud deployment models, Cisco's new solutions provide the performance and operational efficiency specifically needed in branch environments that are lean on in-person IT support. These solutions help customers dramatically reduce expenses by removing the deployment, management and operational burdens inherent with in-branch hardware.

Cisco is introducing the Cisco Flex 7500 Series Cloud Controller, a highly scalable branch controller for multi-site wireless deployments that enables central management and control of up to 500 branch locations, 2,000 access points and over 20,000 clients from a single data center. The Cisco Flex 7500 Series Cloud Controller also allows IT managers to remotely configure wireless policies, management and security settings without having to physically be in the branch location.

Cisco is also announcing the new Cisco ISR Cloud Web Security with Cisco ScanSafe solution, which allows ScanSafe Cloud Web Security to seamlessly extend to branch offices by providing scalable, centralized Web protection and malware detection on the Cisco ISR G2 branch router.

Cisco ISR Cloud Web Security with Cisco ScanSafe is a simple Web security solution that requires no additional hardware. With this solution, organizations can easily deploy cloud-based Web security and Web usage policies, enabling highly secure local Internet access for all branch offices and users while saving time, money, and resources associated with traditional hardware deployments. The cloud service delivery model and central user account administration also make Cisco ScanSafe easy to deploy, manage and maintain via remote IT staff.

New Bass Pro Shops Wireless Deployment

"At Bass Pro Shops, we were looking to centralize the management of wireless connections in our corporate headquarters, distribution facility and our retail stores, which each rely on wireless connectivity for handheld scanners, phones, and printers," said Steve Marshall, director of IT services, Bass Pro Shops. "By deploying a Cisco Flex 7500 Series Cloud Controller, we will be able to reduce costs by eliminating the need for a controller at each store to manage the wireless networks, while also reducing the amount of interaction needed by store personnel."

"The IT model for branch offices is shifting to increasingly leverage cloud-based services without compromising on performance, security or mobility," said Marie Hattar, vice president, Cisco Borderless Network marketing. "Cisco Borderless Network solutions are unique in their ability to provide greater choice and efficiency for rapid branch service deployment, helping our customers increase overall network productivity and react faster to ever-changing demands on their business."

Product Pricing and Availability

  • Cisco Flex 7500 Series Cloud Controller pricing starts at $47,995 US list and is now available.
  • Cisco ISR Web Security with Cisco Scansafe is part of any ISR G2 security bundle. Pricing starts at $2,495 and is available in July 2011. A subscription to the Cisco ScanSafe service is also required, priced per user per year.

Cisco at Interop Las Vegas 2011

Both offerings will be showcased at Interop Las Vegas this week in Booth 1127. In addition, Cisco is at the forefront of the Internet transition as a primary sponsor of the show's InteropNet. Cisco has made a significant investment in the InteropNet's design, configuration, and implementation – a project that began in November 2010. Cisco's participation highlights its IPv6 leadership and deep commitment to technology and product excellence, all of which will be on display at Interop Las Vegas 2011.

InteropNet will be a world-class, fully IPv6-enabled network that will power the 15,000-attendee and 400-exhibitor tradeshow replete with dual-stack IPv6 capabilities to all capable endpoints. The InteropNet at Interop Las Vegas 2011 represents the first-ever show network that is "dual stack" with IPv4 and IPv6 running side-by-side over the network to deliver data, voice and video services.

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