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Hong Kong Broadband Network Spearheads Next-Generation Internet Network With Cisco CRS-3 Carrier Routing System

Pioneering in Asia to Benefit from the Industry Leading Flagship Router
Jan 27, 2011

HONG KONG, January 25, 2011 – Cisco and Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited (HKBN, a wholly-owned subsidiary of City Telecom (HK) Limited, HKEX: 1137, NASDAQ: CTEL) today announced a pioneering move in Asia. HKBN, a leading service provider, has committed to the Cisco® CRS-3 Carrier Routing System as the foundation for its core Internet Protocol Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) to cope with the surging trend of bandwidth demand and to extend its network coverage.

According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, annual global IP traffic will exceed three-quarters of a zettabyte by 2014. Internet utilization by various forms of video such as TV, video on demand, Internet video, etc. is increasing and is expected to exceed 91 percent of global consumer traffic by 2014. To cope with this rapidly growing demand, HKBN, a forward-thinking service provider, realizes the need for a core router with strong investment protection to support its world-class voice, video and Internet services. HKBN believes that, with the Cisco CRS-3's industry-leading scale, operating efficiency and superior service features, it can be assured of maintaining its "Speed Guarantee" to customers, whereby 80 percent steady speed is ensured amid the escalating Internet demands of businesses and consumers.


  • Cost-Effective With Unprecedented Scalability. The Cisco CRS-3, with a proven and highly resilient multi-chassis architecture, can scale up to 322 terabits per second of capacity, offering the highest Ethernet port density and representing more than 12 times the performance of any other core router in the industry. It offers significant savings in operating costs and up to 60 percent savings in power consumption compared with competitive platforms. Once deployed, it will ensure smooth traffic delivery between Internet content providers and users connected to HKBN's fiber network. This will enable HKBN to address exponential Internet traffic growth.
  • Operating Efficiency With Network Consolidation. HKBN's existing network infrastructure will be consolidated, reducing the number of core routers and simplifying network management. The optimized network design enabled by the Cisco CRS-3 will ultimately enhance operating efficiency. It is expected that with a reduced number of routers which require management and maintenance, and with savings in related man-hours, the lead time for adding new networking devices will be shortened from weeks to days.
  • Superior Service. The industry-leading capability of the Cisco CRS-3 will empower HKBN to provide superior services by enhancing its 100 Mbps & 1 Gbps service offerings. HKBN can also ensure the Steady Speed guarantee of no less than 80 percent of advertised speed to customers for its 100 Mbps service. The deployment of Cisco CRS-3 lays the foundation for other value-added and auxiliary services of HKBN, such as high-quality picture and smooth streaming of its IPTV service "bbTV", providing customers with a variety of informative and entertaining TV experiences on different devices. As an extensive user of Ethernet technologies, HKBN is also actively working with Cisco to add new features to its Cisco CRS-3, which will enable HKBN to easily roll out innovative service offerings in accordance with the dynamic consumer demand in the telecommunications market.

Systems integration work will be conducted by leading systems integrator Macroview Telecom, a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, and the deployment is planned to commence in March this year. The CRS-3 will further strengthen the core capabilities of HKBN, such as Carrier-Grade IPv6 (CGv6) and the core IP/Multiprotocol Label Switching technologies that permit the new IP NGN architectural efficiencies required to keep pace with the rapidly growing cloud services market.

Supporting Quotes:

  • Leo Fung, network manager, technical development, Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited
  • "It is one of HKBN's missions to experience the joy of advancing and applying telecom technology for the benefit of the public. We launched our 100 Mbps service in 2004, and our 1 Gbps service in 2005. Throughout the years, high speed broadband has become the norm in Hong Kong. With our rapidly growing subscription base and extended network coverage, we need a powerful, future-proof core router to cater for the surging demand of bandwidth and stability. Cisco has been our long-term partner, and we are glad to have its support for the deployment of this powerful CRS-3 router."

  • Nelson Chu, manager, systems engineering, Cisco Hong Kong
  • "This pioneering deployment of the Cisco CRS-3 Carrier Routing System in Asia by HKBN is a significant breakthrough in the industry that will provide notable benefits for businesses and the community as a whole. The Cisco CRS-3 will offer pre-eminent traffic capacity and operating efficiency, comprising a strong foundation for HKBN to meet the current and future needs of its customers and get ready for the global trend of the next-generation Internet. In view of the tremendous growth in mobile and video applications and the increasing emergence of the data center cloud which results in new multidirectional traffic patterns, this collaboration with HKBN will bring the next-generation Internet to Hong Kong and accelerate the introduction of innovative services as well as solidify Hong Kong's position as a regional Internet hub."

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