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Duke University Global MBA Students Use Cisco Quad Social Software to Collaborate Across Borders

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 16, 2010 – Duke University and Cisco
Dec 16, 2010


SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 16, 2010 – Duke University and Cisco today announced that Cisco QuadTM is being used by students and faculty in Duke's Fuqua School of Business– MBA-Cross Continent program. Cisco Quad enables students globally located in the United States, England, Dubai, India, Russia, and China to create virtual working groups, find people with common interests, share files or videos with other students working on similar projects and instantly start video conferences or chat sessions.

University leaders decided to pilot Cisco Quad to ensure that students throughout the world can fully participate in this cross-continent program at any Duke campus – not as passive listeners, but as active participants in the learning experience. Cisco Quad is an enterprise collaboration platform that brings people together to share ideas and content, collaborate on projects, and interact using chat, voice or video, regardless of where people are located.

With QuadTM, students can find experts on a particular topic, see whether these experts and classmates are currently online, and create communities. Duke developers and Cisco engineers worked together to integrate Cisco Quad with the popular Shibboleth® federated identity management software (developed by the Internet2 community) enabling faculty and students to sign in to the platform while simultaneously signing into other campus systems.

Additional Highlights:

  • The Duke MBA—Cross Continent program is designed to help full-time working professionals earn a world-class MBA in only 16 months and to build a culturally-diverse peer network across the globe.
  • Integrated into Cisco Quad, Cisco Show and Share® is a webcasting and video sharing application that is helping Duke to archive lectures and make rich media content available and easily searchable for students online. Cisco® MXE 3500 (Media Experience Engine) integrates with Show and Share® to transcribe class videos so that students can scan and access the exact portion of a course that refers to the information they need.

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"As Fuqua develops into the first globally distributed business school, technologies like Cisco Quad allow us to create a sense of community and collaborative interaction necessary to prepare our students to excel in a globally connected world."



"Students experience real-time information overload and universities are looking for ways to enable them and their teachers to communicate, share information, and create work groups that are physically separated across regions or continents. We see rapid growing interest in, and adoption of, solutions like Cisco's Quad social software that incorporate voice, video, and content sharing, to enable globally dispersed organizations to securely collaborate productively, within and across firewalls from both desktops and mobile devices."



"Cisco Quad was named after the main meeting place for students at a university to illustrate how the platform provides the place where people come together to create and share experiences, insight, and knowledge. With Duke, we've expanded the physical campus to a virtual place that encompasses much more real estate, while creating a hub for sharing information and changing the way education happens today."

  • Blair Sheppard, dean, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
  • Zeus Kerravala, distinguished research fellow, Yankee Group
  • Murali Sitaram, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Collaboration Platform Group, Cisco

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