News Release

Espial MediaBase Becomes First VOD Platform To Support Bandwidth Reservation

Helps Service Providers To Ensure Video Quality With RSVP
Sep 28, 2010

OTTAWA, Ontario - Sept 28, 2010 - Espial®, a leader in on-demand TV software and solutions, today announced the availability of Espial MediaBase 9.1. The newest version of Espial's flagship video-on-demand (VOD) delivery platform, Espial MediaBase 9.1 helps provide improved video quality, extends cable MSO support and dramatically increases storage capacity with COTS technology.


  • Espial MediaBase is the first VOD platform to implement bandwidth reservation using Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP). RSVP support allows a VOD session to reserve end-to-end network resources and bandwidth. This provides a guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) to viewers which reduces operational costs due to service calls and increases brand perception with improved customer satisfaction.
  • The RSVP solution has been well integrated and validated with Cisco's RSVP implementation in the network on the flagship access and aggregation platforms and has been proven to enrich the quality of experience for video flows.
  • Combined with its existing packet loss recovery capabilities, Espial MediaBase is now the leading platform in guaranteeing video quality for operators and subscribers.
  • Espial MediaBase dramatically extends its storage capacity per server to 320TB and streaming capacity to 40 Gbps using the next generation of COTS hard drives from HP and other commercial-off-the-shelf COTS vendors. 
  • Espial MediaBase is integrated with Ericsson OpenStream Digital Services Platform version 5.0. This integration includes support for the RTI (Real Time Ingest) feature. This allows cable operators to offer Time Shift TV and TV on-Demand services within seconds of a broadcast program going to air. This enables cable operators to offer TVoD service for subscriber retention and additional revenue streams.
  • Espial MediaBase extends its leading content delivery networking capabilities with support for the ISA-based, multi-tier architecture in Ericsson OpenStream Digital Services Platform. This optimizes the service efficiency and network bandwidth and content storage utilization for targeted content delivery


  • "We're pleased to have first-mover advantage on RSVP" noted Sanjay Mehta, VP Engineering, Espial. "Our customers demand we provide a VOD video quality of service for their video subscribers. Combined with our existing packet loss recovery capability we are leading the market in bringing this to reality. We've also taken significant steps to improve our cable backoffice support with real-time ingest and improved content delivery networking."
  • "The ability to guarantee video quality is becoming an increasingly important solution requirement and service differentiator, as it enables service providers to meet growing consumer appetites to access video content on demand, across multiple networks, and with various devices. RSVP provides an additional network-level guarantee of resources to assure video QoS across evolving scenarios with varied network and bandwidth resources," noted Yoav Schreiber, Senior Analyst, Digital Media Infrastructure, Current Analysis.
  • "With rapidly growing demand for video content on any device, anywhere and on any network, guaranteeing video quality of service is going to be a key solution differentiator for service providers," said Amit Phadnis, vice president, Engineering, Network Software and Systems, Cisco"RSVP provides network-level video quality assurance over networks with varied bandwidth resources. Cisco's RSVP implementation on Cisco aggregation and access solutions greatly enhances a service provider's ability to offer differentiated video services and end-user experiences to its customers."


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