News Release

New Meadowlands Stadium Unveils Sophisticated New Technology Delivering Unforgettable Fan Experience

Cisco Connected Sports and Verizon Stadium Technology Solutions Transform the Stadium to Provide a Unique and Customized Environment for Each Event
Aug 23, 2010

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – August 23, 2010 – The New Meadowlands Stadium today showcased innovative new stadium technologies designed to seamlessly transform the look and feel of the venue to host both New York Giants and New York Jets games, as well as other sporting and entertainment events.  The New Meadowlands is implementing technologies from Cisco and Verizon to offer stadium sports fans and entertainment followers leading-edge custom digital video and wireless content, showcasing one of the most technologically advanced and memorable experiences in sports and entertainment.

With a seating capacity of 82,500, New Meadowlands Stadium is equipped with four massive high-definition (HD) video display scoreboards and more than 2,200 HD video displays located throughout the facility – all designed to provide fans with access to the game virtually anywhere in the venue.  All of the 2,200 video displays are powered by the latest release of Cisco StadiumVisionTM, an innovative digital video and content distribution system that centrally controls and delivers customized sports and entertainment experiences, advertising, promotions and general venue information to meet the needs of fans and patrons at the facility. 

During sporting events, Cisco StadiumVision technology will present live game footage, team trivia, news and weather information.  It is also flexibly designed to allow New Meadowlands stadium operators to change the entire color scheme, content and team branding from Giants blue to Jets green with the push of a few buttons.  This same flexible offering can be easily adapted to accommodate concerts, conferences and other unique sporting events hosted at the stadium.

Verizon is teaming with Cisco to bring 34 channels of customized HD content into the stadium allowing fans to view multiple games and other content at the same time in select areas of the facility.  In addition, Verizon will install throughout the stadium a comprehensive wireless network designed to accommodate fan access to relevant sports and entertainment content.

The Giants and Jets are working with Verizon Wireless to offer fans mobile apps that feature concessions information, team news, player information, scores and highlights, as well as alerts and text messaging.  The Jets and Giants will be among the first to offer these team specific applications to their fans in the fall, complementing the NFL Mobile app available only from Verizon Wireless.

Other new stadium offerings from Cisco and Verizon include:
Dynamic and Highly Secure Concessions and Merchandise Offerings

  • Displays, powered by Cisco StadiumVision technology in concession areas and team store locations throughout the stadium, allow for the flexible and dynamic posting of digital menu boards and targeted food, beverage and merchandise offers. 
  • Digital menu boards and signs allow concession managers to notify fans of concession specials or provide real-time alerts relevant to concession sales.  The system can also notify fans during a game of special merchandise and souvenir offerings at select team stores.
  • Verizon experts and New Meadowlands have collaborated to help ensure that all point-of-sale transactions with stadium vendors are reliable and are designed to protect fan credit card and other personal information.

Premium Sports Viewing Experience

  • Luxury suites throughout the stadium are outfitted with Cisco® touch-screen Internet Protocol phones in conjunction with Verizon voice-over-IP service, allowing guests to remotely control HD displays and order concessions and team merchandise for delivery directly from the comfort of their suites. 
  • Luxury suites are also equipped with premium channel content provided by Verizon that allows patrons to view a particular event's content and multiple broadcast channels at the same time from several displays conveniently located throughout the suite.  

Innovations for the Future

  • Digital Video Walls - New Meadowlands and Cisco are working to enable digital video walls that allow for customized Jets or Giants visual and audio content to be displayed in public concourse areas throughout the stadium. This allows for unique promotional opportunities powered by Cisco StadiumVision.
  • The Verizon Studio within the stadium, scheduled to open on September 2, will allow New Meadowlands patrons to demo Verizon technologies including FiOS TV in HD, FiOS Internet speeds, 3D broadcast capabilities and wireless products.

Special Note: Verizon is one of four corporate sponsors of the stadium, and as part of that agreement Verizon Wireless V Cast Video on Demand customers and Verizon FiOS TV subscribers will also have access to exclusive video content and channels featuring the New York Jets and the New York Giants and other activities at the stadium. On September 2, Verizon will offer a 3D broadcast of an NFL game to FiOS customers when the New York Giants host the New England Patriots in the pre-season.

Executive Quotes:

Mark Lamping, New Meadowlands Stadium Co. president and CEO
"Through the use of technology, we have set the bar for sporting venues of the future, while maximizing the stadium's profitability. In working with premier technology brands, such as Cisco and Verizon, we bring to our fans one of the most tailored and unforgettable experiences in sports today."

John Mara, President and CEO, New York Giants
"Never before has any sports venue integrated so many cutting-edge technological developments. When fans enter New Meadowlands, they are going to feel like they're stepping into the future."

Woody Johnson, Chairman and CEO, New York Jets
 "When you're watching a game at home, comforts don't stop at the screen and we don't believe the enjoyment of a live sports event should stop at the field. We've made the New Meadowlands Stadium more information-rich than any sporting venue has ever been—and we've made it as comfortable and well-stocked as your dream kitchen and living room."

Steve Tisch, Chairman and Executive Vice President, New York Giants
"We're proud to be leading the charge in creating the premiere sports stadium and setting the gold standard for technology use in the new Stadium. Our $100 million investment will allow the Stadium to stand the test of time, and our sound technological infrastructure will serve us well today and far into the foreseeable future."

Ivan Seidenberg, Verizon Communications chairman and chief executive officer
"As a cornerstone partner of New Meadowlands Stadium, Verizon is helping create a home team advantage for New York Jets and New York Giants fans. This exciting destination is changing the game for how we engage with sports and entertainment, and is a model for future interactive arenas."

John T. Chambers, Cisco chairman and chief executive officer
"Cisco is committed to delivering world-class solutions for sports and entertainment, and we are delighted to help New Meadowlands create this state-of-the-art facility, one of the finest multipurpose venues in the world. This new venue will feature the latest technologies in video and interactive solutions, providing fans with a truly memorable experience."

Supporting Materials

A number of additional technology providers have brought a wealth of specialized, highly sophisticated devices and capabilities to the stadium. Something Digital has installed a tracking system that delivers on-demand, real-time issue-reporting and monitoring for Stadium guest services and security personnel. Micros developed a technology-loaded ticket for New Meadowlands that enables ticket holders to add value to their ticket for use in parking, concessions and other hospitality-related aspects of the venue. The loaded ticket also offers teams and sponsors the ability to create fan loyalty programs. FanVision, the official fan enhancement partner of the New York Jets, has created an in-stadium fan experience that offers fans real time streaming of highlights and replays, live out of market games, and radio broadcasts of games. Roundarch developed a cutting-edge dashboard that works via a touch screen application to provide real time stadium and game data (including retail-related data, ticketing, video cameras and parking) to New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, the NFL commission, and visiting team owners in their suites.