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Cisco Speeds Highly Secure Business Productivity with Integrated New Enterprise Collaboration Software Solutions

Cisco Quad Mobile Applications, Cisco Prosumer Video Solution for the Enterprise, and Cisco WebEx Connect IM Enhancements Help Organizations Maximize Employee Expertise and Information Sharing
Jun 11, 2010

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 11, 2010 –Cisco today announced new and enhanced collaboration solutions that help break down communication silos by enabling workers to easily connect to the right people and access and share content irrespective of location.

Cisco announced that Cisco Quad, an enterprise collaboration platform will be available later this year via native iPad and iPhone applications. Cisco also unveiled a new Cisco Prosumer Video solution which integrates Cisco FocalPoint, an online video workspace with a business-class Cisco Flip MinoPRO camcorder. Finally, Cisco announced that Cisco WebEx Connect IM is now available on any supported browser.

Together, these three collaboration solutions offer workers a highly secure, manageable collaborative environment with video, real time instant messaging (IM) and social networking capabilities.

With these announcements, Cisco continues to deliver on a collaboration strategy built on an open, interoperable architecture, pervasive use of video and flexible deployment models. These announcements also continue to promote the new way of working where real time, integrated communications and social software are key to driving increased productivity throughout the enterprise. Cisco will showcase these software and hardware offerings along with a variety of other solutions during a keynote presentation and demonstration at 9:30 am on June 15th at Enterprise 2.0 in Boston.


Cisco Quad

  • Cisco Quad is an immersive platform for enterprise collaboration that integrates voice, video and social networking into one workspace.
  • With Cisco Quad, workers have the ability to search across all content within their organization, as well as locate people and expertise, accelerating the time it takes to connect, interact and find information.
  • Mobile Quad applications optimized for the Apple iPad and iPhone, will enable "deskless" employees to remain connected and engaged in interactions with their colleagues around the globe.
  • Quad easily integrates with content management systems such as Microsoft SharePoint and Documentum, as well as with voice and video business communications solutions including Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco WebEx conferencing, Cisco Unified Presence and Cisco Show and Share.
  • Every Cisco Quad user will receive a Cisco Show and Share license granting video authoring, posting, publishing and editing capabilities.
  • After successful early trials, Quad will be available on a limited basis, beginning in Cisco's first quarter of fiscal year 2011, in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia/New Zealand.

Cisco Prosumer Video

  • The Cisco Prosumer Video solution provides organizations with a private and highly secure end-to-end solution for video capture and management. The solution uses a new online video workspace, FocalPoint, and a new business-class four-hour Flip MinoPRO camcorder.
  • FocalPoint delivers cloud-based management, sharing and editing capabilities and provides an easy way for organizational teams to interact with their video content.
  • Cisco FlipShare software, preloaded on the camcorder, allows users to easily edit, store and manage video content locally on their workstation before sharing it with the organizational team via FocalPoint.
  • The software client uses an encrypted upload protocol to enable confidential content delivery, while FocalPoint adopts SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for highly secure Web sessions and data protection.
  • Cisco Prosumer Video solutions also integrate easily with Cisco Show and Share, helping provide businesses with both robust video distribution and collaboration capabilities, and a seamless way to integrate video on Cisco Quad.  
  • The Cisco Prosumer Video solution is part of the Cisco collaboration portfolio and will be available through Cisco channel partners beginning in August.

Cisco WebEx Connect 6.5

  • The newest version of Cisco WebEx Connect IM lets users access their contact lists and send instant messages via a browser-based IM client, making the solution accessible from any computer, with any operating system, without the need for a client download.
  • The Windows client for Cisco WebEx Connect IM is now localized for French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese, further expanding its ease of use for global organizations.
  • Server-side IM logging allows organizations to capture logs of all IM traffic for more efficient regulatory compliance. Customers who are already archiving email can use their existing infrastructure.
  • Building on Cisco's acquisition of Jabber, customers looking to add presence and chat capabilities to their Web applications can do so much more easily with Cisco's AJAX XMPP library, which gives developers a quick start to creating XMPP enabled Web applications and portal integrations through source code, detailed documentation and code samples. These tools were used in building presence and chat capabilities into Cisco Quad. 

Supporting Quotes:

Derek Downs, INX vice president, advanced integration services: "Cisco Quad allows us to work out of one environment that brings all of the other applications, tools and content to the forefront when they are relevant to a meeting or a business process. It enables workers within our company to have relevant content and resources pushed to them automatically versus having them spend so much time trying to find the right document, person or information. All of this will ultimately help speed solution delivery and enhance customer responsiveness."

Irwin Lazar, Nemertes Research vice president of communications and collaboration: "More than 90 percent of organizations now consider themselves 'virtual', with work groups physically separated across offices, regions or continents. Couple this with the speed of today's global economy, and the result is a need to rapidly support interaction-oriented collaboration.  We see rapid growing interest in, and adoption of, solutions including social media, video, and content sharing, to enable globally dispersed workforces to securely collaborate productively, within and across firewalls from both desktops and mobile devices."

Tony Bates, Cisco senior vice president and general manager, enterprise, commercial and small business: "Cisco's vision for a new workspace is about empowering organizations with a broader range of collaborative experiences. Not only is it seamless and integrated, but it also gives people and teams the power to choose what combination of content, media, and devices will make them most productive."

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