News Release

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein Extends Its Healthcare Excellence with Deployment of AeroScout RTLS

Global Healthcare Leader Improves Operational Efficiency and Patient Safety with Wi-Fi RFID Asset Tracking and Temperature Monitoring Solutions from AeroScout
May 26, 2010

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. and SÃO PAULO, Brazil - May 25, 2010 - AeroScout, the leading provider of Unified Asset Visibility for the healthcare industry, today announced that Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein (HIAE) has implemented AeroScout's Asset Tracking and Temperature Monitoring solutions as part of the hospital's ongoing commitment to regional and global leadership in healthcare excellence. The solutions enable HIAE to utilize its Cisco Unified Wireless Network to track and manage thousands of medical equipment units and wirelessly monitor the temperature in refrigerators and freezers. The world-renowned hospital is using AeroScout's RTLS (real time location system) to improve staff efficiency, equipment utilization and patient safety and care.

Founded in 1971, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein is a 489-bed, 86,000-square-meter medical center located in São Paulo, Brazil. Its stated mission is to offer "the most advanced and innovative healthcare, constantly humanizing healthcare services while working within the highest scientific and technological standards." With a long heritage of leadership in patient safety, HIAE was the first hospital outside the United States to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) in 1999, and became Latin America's first healthcare institution – and one of only three worldwide – to have a Stroke Care Center certified by the JCI.

"We conducted a rigorous review of healthcare RTLS and temperature monitoring solutions, but none demonstrated clear and immediate value the way AeroScout's solutions have," said Sergio Arai, CIO at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein. "A number of factors contributed to our selection of AeroScout: it is the worldwide market leader in RTLS; it offers the most comprehensive healthcare solutions; and its software is delivered in Brazilian Portuguese. The solution also takes advantage of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network we have in place. In addition, the AeroScout team has deep healthcare expertise, and the company's vision for using technology to improve patient care is closely aligned with our own."

HIAE staff uses the AeroScout Asset Tracking and Management solution to quickly locate critical equipment, such as wheelchairs and infusion pumps, throughout the facility. Since they don't have to manually search the hospital for available equipment, caregivers are able to spend more time treating patients and have the proper items when and where they need them.

HIAE also uses AeroScout Temperature Monitoring to automate the monitoring of refrigerators and freezers throughout the hospital, including its liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezers. Refrigerators used to store critical items, such as pharmaceuticals and blood and tissue samples, are required to be continuously monitored and the temperature logged at regular time intervals to ensure that temperatures are within acceptable ranges to prevent spoilage. The AeroScout Wi-Fi RFID solution facilitates regulatory compliance and relieves staff from having to manually track and log temperatures. Because the solution transmits temperature data wirelessly via a standard Wi-Fi network, the AeroScout solution has proven to be more reliable and flexible than the wired temperature monitoring system it replaced.

HIAE is using a variety of AeroScout Wi-Fi Tags to address several different use cases. The solutions include AeroScout MobileView software in Brazilian Portuguese and a Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE) for enhanced network management and wireless client tracking capabilities. In addition, AeroScout's professional services team leveraged its healthcare RTLS expertise, gained from its worldwide market leadership, to contribute to HIAE's success.

"Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein is known throughout Latin America and around the world for its visionary use of technology to improve patient safety and care," said Ricardo Berrios, Vice President and General Manager of Latin America at AeroScout. "This implementation at such a prestigious healthcare organization showcases the value of our solutions, as well as our regional presence and our domain focus."