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MTN Nigeria Becomes First Service Provider in Nigeria to Offer Efficiencies of Cisco's TelePresence Virtual Meeting Solution

MTN ePresence and Resourcery to Provide Nigerian Businesses with Access to Face-to-Face Cisco Meeting Solution to Bridge Distance and Reduce Travel Costs
Apr 08, 2010

LAGOS, Nigeria, April 8, 2010 - Cisco announced today that MTN Nigeria, in collaboration with Cisco and Resourcery plc, has recently become the first service provider in Nigeria to offer Cisco TelePresence®. A live, immersive, face-to-face experience, the Cisco TelePresence solution empowers people to meet virtually, share content, create high-quality video recordings and events, consult with experts and deliver powerful personalized services, all using the power of the network for an immersive in-person experience.

The first public Cisco TelePresence rooms in Nigeria, which will be known as 'MTN ePresence rooms', will provide convenient local sites for virtual in-person meetings and are active in three locations: the Southern Sun Hotel in Lagos, the Sheraton Hotel in Abuja and the Le Meridian Hotel in Port Harcourt. Initially, communication between the three locations will be available and MTN will eventually support the ability to connect with other Cisco TelePresence rooms around the world.  The launch of the MTN ePresence rooms is a significant milestone for intra-company communications throughout Nigeria and beyond as MTN, Resourcery and Cisco can build similar facilities for enterprises throughout Nigeria.

Highlights / Key Facts:

  • Customers will be able to purchase time in MTN ePresence rooms on an hourly or daily basis. Each room has been installed with a Cisco TelePresence System 1300, which is ideally suited for multi-purpose conference rooms as it seats up to six participants and consists of a single 65-inch display. The Cisco TelePresence System 1300 maintains the life-size, immersive experience while offering more flexible deployment options.
  • The solution will help save time and costs and boost productivity by reducing or eliminating the need to travel and reduce a company's carbon footprint.
  • Resourcery plc, a Cisco Authorized Technology Provider Partner for TelePresence and one of the leading systems integrators in Nigeria, provides a comprehensive range of enterprise-wide information and communications technology solutions and services. The company worked closely with MTN and Cisco to deliver the Cisco TelePresence solution.  
  • A Cisco TelePresence meeting is as simple as making a phone call. Participants sit at a conference table in one Cisco TelePresence room, while other participants appear to be sitting across the table.
  • The 'real-life' meeting experience provided by TelePresence is delivered through ultra-high-definition video that reveals subtle facial expressions conveying nonverbal reactions. Spatial audio allows the transmission of every nuance of the conversation and enables participants to interact as they would in person.
  • An expert on investment products based in a Lagos bank, for example, can have face-to-face private meetings with customers in Abuja and Port Harcourt without having to travel long distance. Similarly, a geological data analyst for an exploration company can meet face-to-face with several teams in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja in one day, and still attend personal commitments.

Executive Quotes:

  • Derek Appiah, chief Enterprise Solutions officer, MTN, Nigeria
  • "In today's climate, companies across Nigeria are looking at better ways to conduct business, keep a firm control on costs, and get more productivity. MTN Nigeria is the only company in Nigeria that has the fiber infrastructure to offer Cisco TelePresence cost effectively. Our new ePresence service provides a compelling business case to save cost and time, as well as being environmentally friendly."

  • Tani Fafunwa managing director, Resourcery plc
  • "Our goal is to empower customers through technology, and by joining forces with MTN and Cisco, we are one step further to achieving this. Innovative technology solutions, like Cisco TelePresence, will help us take advantage of the abundant market opportunities in Africa and challenge other global players."

  • Richard Edet, general manager, Cisco Nigeria
  • "Our collaboration with MTN Nigeria and Resourcery to launch our Cisco TelePresence solution in Nigeria marks another transformational landmark project for Cisco in Nigeria. This is one of the many ways Cisco contributes to the 'going green' revolution, a global effort to save our environment for future generations. We look forward to working with MTN to deploy Cisco TelePresence in many more Nigerian locations and eventually enable the service worldwide."

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