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Oversun-Mercury Starts Commercial Operation of Data Center Based on Cisco Technology

MOSCOW – March 3, 2010 – Oversun-Mercury today announced
Mar 03, 2010

MOSCOW – March 3, 2010 – Oversun-Mercury today announced that it has opened  a commercial data center in Moscow to address the growing needs of Russian businesses for managed data center services. The data center network infrastructure is based on Cisco® hardware and software. The resilient core of the network is made of Cisco switches (Cisco Catalyst® 6509-NEB) and Cisco routers (Cisco 12406 series). High-performance Cisco ASA 5580 firewalls with a total capacity of 20 gigabits per second and the Cisco IPS 4270 intrusion prevention system help to protect customer data against all known types of attacks with a high degree of security. Protection against distributed attacks is provided by an anti-DDoS system. Cisco Data Center solutions help customers to meet IT and business needs, to reduce the total cost of ownership, accelerate business growth, and extend the life cycle of the current infrastructure by transforming the data center into a more efficient, responsive and resilient asset.

Key Facts / Highlights:

  • Cisco Data Center Switches, which were used in the project, offer the following advantages: an infrastructure that can be scaled cost-effectively and that helps to increase energy, budget and resource efficiency; transport that can navigate the transition to 10 Gigabit Ethernet and unified fabric and that can handle architectural changes such as virtualization, Web 2.0 applications, and cloud computing; operational continuity to meet the need for an environment where system availability is assumed and maintenance windows are rare, if not totally extinct.
  • The Cisco solutions at the Oversun-Mercury site are designed to provide customers with a high level of security and a broad range of services at a convenient location.
  • The data center satisfies many of the Tier 3 ANSI TIA/EIA-942 requirements.
  • Power supply is provided by two independent electrical lines (the first category of resilience in power usage effectiveness). Uninterrupted power supply is provided by two FG Wilson (UK) diesel generators and AEG UPS (Germany) units.
  • The Oversun-Mercury site provides high levels of physical security, and the data center is closely guarded 24 hours a day. Closed-circuit TV cameras are located along the perimeter as well as inside the premises. Intruder alarm sensors and movement sensors have been installed. Entry requires an identification card and passage through the system of lock-chamber gates.

Supporting Quotes:

  • Igor Ioshpa, development director, Oversun-Mercury
  • "While building the data center, we were taking into account all the peculiarities of the Russian market, as well as the best practices and mistakes of our predecessors. Oversun-Mercury is one of the most advanced data centers in Russia in terms of data security and physical security. The site is located close to the center of Moscow near the main Russian traffic exchange nodes. We provide very broad possibilities of remote control and video surveillance. Oversun-Mercury offers a wide range of services currently available to very few of our colleagues. I am convinced that the high level of security, convenient location, broad range of services and skilled personnel will make the Oversun-Mercury data center one of the most attractive sites of this kind."

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About Oversun-Mercury

Oversun-Mercury joint-stock company was set up in 2009. The company implements high-tech ICT projects. Its core strategic business is construction of the most advanced data centers in Russia, as well as skilled management of those centers to help Russian telecommunications market move to a new quality level. In January 2010 the company built and committed its first data center meeting the highest international standards and designed to support the most resource-intensive applications. The data center offers hardware co-location services, network services (secure data transfer via IPSec/VPN, IDS/IPS, firewall, Anti-DDoS, SAN, backup, virtual IP/MPLS network) and connectivity services (laying fiber-optical lines, tenting of dark fiber, building secure VPN channels). The main principle of Oversun-Mercury operation is strict compliance with modern standards of management and quality of service.