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Diveo Chooses Cisco Technology to Consolidate World-Class Data Center

Cisco Unified Service Delivery solution to Offer Virtualization and Software Services to Andean Region
Mar 15, 2010

BOGOTÁ, Colombia, March 15, 2010 - Diveo Colombia, a subsidiary of Diveo Broadband Networks, has selected Cisco as a technology supplier for its new data center, which will offer innovative services to the Andean market, enabled by cloud computing and Internet-based applications.

The data center is designed with the Cisco® Unified Service Delivery solution, which helps enable the consolidation, virtualization and automation of a data center while reducing operating costs.

For the data center infrastructure, Diveo deployed Cisco MDS 9000 and Cisco Nexus® 7000, Nexus 5000 and Nexus 2000 solutions, whose scalability, virtualization, high availability and convergence make them key pieces for the cloud computing architecture that Diveo is consolidating.

The Cisco Nexus products will allow Diveo to have a single input and output system to servers, thanks to the Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) protocol. This unification makes it possible to consolidate the local area network and storage area network in one system.


  • The Diveo data center was built under the technical regulations of a Tier 3 data center. It has an operating capacity of up to 1.5 megavolt amperes (MVA) and a rack capacity of 365 units.
  • Diveo also installed Cisco 7600 Series Routers, which will provide the data center with the capacity to offer robust voice, data and video transmission services, with the highest standards of performance in Internet Protocol communications.
  • The data center will run the Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager, one of the most advanced security control, management and configuration systems available. Together with the Cisco CatalystÒ 6500 Series Switches, it will allow a powerful console to control different security parameters, such as the independent configuration of units and port groups, and monitor status reports of the virtual LANs, firewalls, and other equipment present in the network topology.
  • Diveo also included in its network design the Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System (MARS), an intelligent tool capable of "learning" network behavior and mitigating unexpected security risks. 
  • The data center will use the Cisco Data Center Network Manager, which allows Diveo to control the growth and development of its network according to the resources that the company needs.  
  • The Diveo data center will offer companies of different sizes and industries innovative applications in cloud computing services and software.

Supporting Quotes

  • Oscar Garcia, President and COO, Diveo Broadband Networks
  • "We not only found that the experience of Cisco as a creator and manager of several telecommunication technologies made it the ideal supplier, but we also discovered that it has dedicated itself to developing solutions focused on data centers. Cisco has also maintained the highest standards and adjusted its approach to what a company such as ours requires."

    "With the Cisco Nexus Family of products, we will not worry about the challenges of growing the physical capacity of our data center. Cisco Nexus is a distributed solution that delivers savings in administration and a scalable installation. That was another reason we chose Cisco for the design of the new data center: the trust we have in its equipment, not only its technical aspects but also its cost-benefit ratio."

    "We're building our next generation Tier 3 data center using Cisco Nexus Family, MDS9000 switches, Cisco 7600 and 6500, and we plan to evaluate UCS down the road for server virtualization in order to offer cloud computing services in transforming our customers Web experience."

  • Fernando Rodriguez, data center business development manager of Cisco Central America, Caribbean and Northern South America
  • "One of the aspects to highlight in the development of the Diveo's data center is that it was designed under a concept of unified and integrated architecture. The equipment, solutions and systems that are part of this data center were integrated over the pillars of consolidation, virtualization and end-to-end automation. This architecture will allow Diveo to have a more efficient operation that will benefit its end users with innovative cloud computing products at a very competitive price.

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