News Release

Cisco Korea Launches 'One Volunteer Activity per Employee' Campaign

Company Encourages Fund Raising Activities for Charity Work and Provides Four Days of Paid Vacation for Volunteer Work, Community Service, Education and Green Activities
Feb 02, 2010

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb 1, 2010 - Cisco Korea announced today that as part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility, it is conducting a 'One Volunteer Activity per Employee' campaign.

The program follows the establishment in August 2009, the beginning of Cisco's financial year, of a Cisco Korea Civic Council. The council's goal is to create activities to encourage all Cisco Korea employees to participate in the community. The 'One Volunteer Activity per Employee' is a key element of that strategy.

Four charitable working groups were placed under the civic council: Volunteer Work, Community Service, Academy and Green. As a result, Cisco Korea is prepared to help all employees select volunteer work that fits their skills and interests. In particular, Cisco is encouraging employee volunteerism by allowing employees to take four days off a year to volunteer, as well as helping in raising funds for charitable work through a variety of activities such as a bazaar.

Twenty members of the Volunteer Work group started their community service this year by participating in the Bob-Po charity work at the CheongYangNi center to provide free meals and donate 100 kilograms of rice to people in need. After their experience with Bob-Po, a social welfare center whose name literally means 'scoop up rice' in Korean, Cisco Korea employees decided to donate their time for the underprivileged once a month.

The Community Service group is scheduled to participate in Habitat for Humanity's efforts to build houses for families in need of decent, affordable shelter. In addition, it began a 'One Village per Company' initiative, under which Cisco Korea has forged a close relationship with a village to provide assistance on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, the Academy members are busy preparing education programs to teach Internet technologies to K-12 students. The Green team started encouraging energy-saving efforts in the workplace. Its members also carry out volunteer activities to protect the environment, such as 'One Mountain per Company', which encourages Cisco employees to perform clean-up or tree-planting jobs at a selected mountain.

BC Cho, the president of Cisco Korea, said, "As Cisco highly appreciates the value of corporate social responsibility, the company has conducted various social contribution activities around the world. The newly launched 'One Volunteer Activity per Employee' campaign at Cisco Korea aligns with the social contribution policies pursued by Cisco headquarters and is designed to boost Cisco Korea's image as a socially responsible company in the local market."