News Release

EllisDon Collaborates with Cisco on Smart Construction

Companies reach formal agreement on strategic collaboration which focuses on integrating IP-based technologies into next-generation building design and construction
Dec 02, 2009

MISSISSAUGA, November 30, 2009 – EllisDon today announced a formal strategic collaboration with Cisco, which is designed to accelerate the development of a next-generation smart connected building strategy to bring the power of network convergence to building construction.  Executives from both companies, including Robert Lloyd, Cisco's E.V.P. of Worldwide Operations and Geoff Smith, EllisDon's President and C.E.O., met to put the finishing touches on the relationship. EllisDon is one of Canada's largest construction companies with operations and projects across the globe.

The collaboration with Cisco is the latest development in EllisDon's ongoing initiative to transition the building industry from a traditional construction model to a smart building vision with an IP-enabled infrastructure at the core. This vision of a Fourth Utility, in which the network becomes as central to a building's infrastructure as mechanical and electrical systems, has the ability to transform the tenant experience, redefine building energy management, improve efficiency management, increase system reliability and security, and create new revenue opportunities for building owners.

Collaboration Highlights:

  • The strategic collaboration will focus on three principal areas:
  • Thought-leadership: The companies will promote the Smart+Connected Real Estate vision, where the network is the innovative platform for building integration, optimization and transformation.
  • Consulting: Best practice development to enable EllisDon to build a consulting practice around Smart Building construction. New and innovative solutions will be determined in collaboration between EllisDon and Cisco certified solutions as a foundation.
  • Construction projects: EllisDon and Cisco will collaborate on design services for public-private partnership (P3) proposals and IT additions to existing construction projects, such as the 18 York Street project in Toronto.
  • Initial priorities for both companies will be the integration of the network as a key component in all existing and future construction projects.
  • Cisco will work with EllisDon to deploy Cisco Network Building Mediator and Cisco Services for Business Energy Management to support automated demand response management with commercial and industrial customers; measurably reduce environmental impact; and provide real time control and access to information about building energy use to improve customer visibility and lower operating expenses.
  • EllisDon and Cisco have collaborated on several successful P3 projects to date including: William Osler Health Centre, Peterborough Health Centre and MMM Group Head Office.

Stephen Foster, EllisDon's Managing Director of ICT, says: "I believe that the construction industry is one of the last remaining sectors that has not yet been positively impacted with the emergence of Internet based protocol (IP) technologies.  EllisDon and Cisco strongly believe that IP technologies are going to change the way architects and engineers design, builders build, and facilities managers manage their real estate portfolio, with the end result being a better overall experience for the tenants and landlords - managing, reporting and controlling the environment from where you want the information and when you want the information."

"Smart Buildings are one of the high growth markets for technology innovation because it offers immediate and tangible results in driving facility and energy efficiency that is attractive to building owners and tenants," said Rick Huijbregts, vice president of industry solutions at Cisco Canada. "EllisDon and Cisco have a common vision of the role of the network in driving Smart+Connected Real Estate, where the network is the innovative platform for building integration, optimization and transformation."