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Cisco Collaborates with Dalian High-Tech Zone Government to Establish Networking Training Center

DALIAN, China - Sept. 9, 2009 - Cisco announced today that
Sep 09, 2009

DALIAN, China - Sept. 9, 2009 - Cisco announced today that it has signed a three-party memorandum of understanding with the Dalian High-Tech Zone Administrative Committee and VanceInfo Technologies Inc. to cooperate in-depth in developing a Cisco Networking Training Center in Dalian. The three parties will work to cultivate high-end networking talent to meet growing global demand for skilled IT professionals while increasing local employment opportunities.

With the city becoming ever more connected and the rapid development of the information industry, Dalian has a growing demand for networking talent, which is increasingly in short supply for both governmental organizations and different industries throughout the city. "We hope to leverage the Networking Training Center's advanced training resources to develop more talent suited to society's practical needs. This will lower IT training costs for employers, create more employment opportunities in Dalian and accelerate development in both industry and the wider local economy." said Mr. Luan Qingwei, director of the Administrative Committee of Dalian High-Tech Zone.

"This initiative represents another step that Cisco has taken towards contributing to innovation and sustainable development in China," said Jim Sherriff, chairman and CEO, Cisco China. "We will continue to share globally-tested best practices with Chinese companies, further strengthening our cooperation with local government, and fostering social and economic progress by developing more talent in networking technologies."

"VanceInfo has comprehensive IT service expertise and strong training operation capabilities," said Liu Junbo, executive vice president, VanceInfo. "In addition to the technical, knowledge-based curriculum, the center also provides other professional development courses and hands-on operational lab training. As one of the most advanced training platforms in China, and we believe it will create more networking talent for Dalian, and help to close the gap between the existing talent pool and China's future needs."

The Dalian High-Tech Zone, Cisco and VanceInfo will each apply their unique resources to develop the most advanced networking professional training program in China. Drawing on its rich networking and IT training experience, Cisco will offer globally tested best practices and its learning curriculum, as well as advanced Cisco lab equipment. As Cisco's training partner, VanceInfo will take the responsibility for managing and operating the training center.

Cisco has worked with the Dalian High-Tech Zone in the past, establishing the Cisco Dalian Service Practice Center (DLSP) in the Dalian Software Park of High-Tech Zone. DLSP provides comprehensive and timely services for customers throughout Northeast Asia while also promoting local economic growth in Dalian. Renewed cooperation with the Dalian High-Tech Zone to develop more highly trained networking professionals will help the city provide employment opportunities, meet local demand, and promote growth in the city's information industry.