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Bottoms Up for Foster's Group as they Increase Productivity with Cisco Unified Communications

Cisco Ships 22 millionth Cisco Unified IP Phone to Premium Drinks Company
Aug 17, 2009

SAN JOSE, Calif., August 17, 2009 – Foster's Group Ltd, a premium global drinks company is deploying a Cisco collaboration and unified communications solution including IP communications to increase productivity, and to drive operating efficiencies across its global enterprise.

To streamline processes, reduce complexity and enable better collaboration, Foster's is migrating from a collection of legacy voice communications systems to Cisco Unified IP Phone 7900 Series endpoints across contact centers, offices and production locations worldwide. The new system is expected to cost significantly less in maintenance than the previous solutions. In addition to its IP communications system from Cisco, Foster's intends to deploy video to employee desktops, as well as Cisco WebEx web conferencing in support of its "Enterprise Architecture" project, which will consolidate hundreds of software applications over three to five years.

Facts / Highlights:

  • Foster's is deploying Cisco Unified IP Phone 7900 Series endpoints at contact centers across Asia Pacific and at offices and production locations worldwide.
    • The easy to install, manage and update phones run on Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and integrate voice and data into productivity applications.
  • The 22 millionth Cisco Unified IP Phone delivery signifies that the phone is becoming more than a handset; it is one of many devices at use in workspaces and integrates with other communications applications including:
    • Cisco Unified Mobility provides a single number reach that ensures users have the ability to communicate across multiple devices as they move between workspaces
    • Cisco Unified IP Phones can integrate with third party applications and allow customers to develop custom applications using Cisco Unified Application Environment
  • Through the implementation of Cisco Unified Video Advantage, Foster's will be able to add video to employees' communications at the desktop in conjunction with their Cisco Unified IP Phones for real-time, face-to-face collaboration around the globe. Employees will be able to use their familiar phone interface to make and receive video calls on their Cisco Unified IP phone with the video window displayed on the PC.
  • Foster's is using Cisco Unified Communications Manager to improve communications system reliability and give end-users a consistent telephony experience.
  • Foster's is consolidating hundreds of software applications as part of its 'Enterprise Architecture project'. Foster's will be using Cisco WebEx to conduct their global Enterprise Architecture project meetings increasing collaborative communication and improve consistent ERP training for all employees.
  • Through Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing, Foster's is able to operate and maintain products and software through a subscription basis that helps to reduce initial set-up costs.
  • Foster's has a portfolio of more than 200 premium brands, operations on five continents and a history stretching back over 160 years. Foster's is Australia's premier drinks business and a major player in global premium wine - with a leading portfolio of beer, wine, cider and spirits brands.

Supporting Quotes:

  • Cisco
  • Steve Slattery, vice president for the IPCBU at Cisco, said: "Shipping our 22 millionth phone to Fosters highlights the speed at which Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions are being adopted and the benefits it brings to customers. The system deployed by Fosters will help it meet the communication needs of a growing business, reduce costs and encourage collaborative working, which will help increase the productivity of its employees."

  • Foster's
  • "We selected Cisco because they demonstrated to us that they could satisfy our communications needs cost effectively. Their solution is helping us improve communications, reduce our spending by simplifying our communications infrastructure and make a quick and simple transition to an IP-based Unified Communications platform," said Andrew Leyden, chief information officer, Fosters Group Limited. "The deployment will reduce our costs over the long term, and improve productivity. Effective communication systems that encourage collaboration and help improve company efficiency are key to our business objectives. "

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