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True Internet Prepares for Next-Generation Cloud Services with Cisco Nexus 7000 Platform

Customers to Experience Better, More Secure Communications and Entertainment Services
Jul 02, 2009

BANGKOK, Thailand – July 2, 2009 – True Internet is paving the way for next-generation cloud services, starting with the deployment of the Cisco NexusTM 7000 Series Switch, a robust platform that will help True Internet transform the delivery of consumer and business applications to any place and device.  The deployment is part of True Internet's goal to become a next-generation service provider delivering a comprehensive range of world-class, innovative data, communications and entertainment services to its customers.

The Cisco Nexus 7000 is a data-center-class switching platform combining Ethernet, Internet Protocol (IP) and storage capabilities across one unified network fabric. The platform is also an essential component of Cisco® Unified Service Delivery, an architecture that enables a service provider to deliver video, data and video services from the data center, enabling it to substantially optimize resources, assure quality, significantly reduce operational costs, and deliver a better, more expansive and more secure virtual experience for their customers.

"True Internet continuously develops its Internet infrastructure, and lately we have installed the Cisco Nexus 7000 to enhance it. The performance of the Cisco Nexus 7000 platform, which supports 40-gigabits per second and is scalable to 100 Gbps, positions us well for the future," said Vasu Khunvasi, general manager, True Internet. "We will be one of the first Internet service providers in Asia to have this capability. In addition, the platform can also support new data, communications and even entertainment applications in the future.  As a result, we believe that this technology will help emphasize True Internet's leadership in the market."

Dr. Tatchapol Poshyanonoda, managing director of Cisco Thailand, said: "According to the recent Cisco Visual Networking Index study, global IP traffic will increase fivefold by 2013, driven by high-speed broadband, video, mobility and digital multitasking. This means service providers around the world have the opportunity to transform their infrastructure to accommodate this growth and increased demands on the network."

As a leading Internet service provider, True Internet is positioned to provide high-speed, on-demand services for data, communications and entertainment. With cutting-edge features in Cisco Nexus 7000, True Internet will be ready to deliver cloud services over the Cisco Unified Service Delivery architecture.  True Internet will be the first service provider to accommodate 40-Gbps Ethernet in Thailand as soon as it is approved.  Previously, True Internet deployed the Cisco Catalyst® 6500 Series, and at that time was the first service provider in Thailand to upgrade its Internet backbone to 10-Gbps Ethernet.

Dr. Tatchapol added: "Service providers are in a race with one another to bring high-quality services to their customers.  Cisco's technology will help enhance their competitiveness by improving business strategy, investment and cost management."

About True Internet

True Internet is a subsidiary of True Corporation Plc, Thailand's only fully integrated telecommunications solutions provider and leader in convergence solutions.  True Internet is one of the largest Internet service providers in the country catering to various kinds of customers including SME groups and other enterprises.  The company has been widely recognized as an innovator with successful services such as high-speed Internet, Click Internet, Easy Internet, NetKit Play, NetKit True, Wi-Fi Internet, Net Talk by True, together with supplementary services such as White Net, AntiVirus, AntiMalware and AntiSpyware. For more information, please visit