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Cisco Protects Network Traffic with Gateway Security Products and Services; E-mail Security Solutions Embed RSA Data Loss Prevention Technology

New E-mail, Web and Security Service Offerings Designed to Prevent Loss of Data in Motion
Jun 24, 2009

SAN JOSE, Calif. – June 24, 2009 – Building on its Collaborate with Confidence announcement in April, Cisco today unveiled a set of solutions that concentrate on data security across corporate networks. In a world where business trends are revolving increasingly around collaboration, cloud computing and mobility, the latest Cisco® security solutions help businesses protect sensitive customer and employee data while enforcing regulatory compliance and protecting their brands.

As part of the announcement, Cisco has partnered with RSA, the Security Division of EMC, to introduce data loss prevention capabilities that are engineered to integrate into the industry-leading Cisco IronPort® e-mail security products.  Cisco also announced new functionality in its Cisco IronPort Web security gateway designed to block the loss of sensitive data via the Web and FTP and a new consultative business security service that helps businesses design a preventive strategy aligning people, business processes and technology.

Background/New Offerings

Today's announcement focuses on protecting data in motion for businesses. It addresses prevailing data-loss risks inherent in e-mail and Web-based communications, risks that are not going away. In the fall, Cisco announced findings from a global security study on data loss. Data loss through e-mail was reported to be a top concern for organizations, and seven of 10 information technology professionals around the world said that employee access to unauthorized applications and Web sites (including unsanctioned social media sites, music download software, and online shopping venues) resulted in as many as half of their companies' data-loss incidents. To help businesses protect their e-mail and Web communications, Cisco's latest offerings include:

  • Cisco IronPort E-mail Security With RSA® Data Loss Prevention Technology: Cisco IronPort is building on the policy management, high-performance scanning, and reporting framework of its e-mail security gateways to embed market-leading data loss prevention (DLP) technology from RSA.  RSA DLP data-classification technology will be made available through a fully integrated subscription software feature on Cisco's IronPort's e-mail security products and services. The new solution provides accurate and easy-to-use content classification designed to discover and protect sensitive data before it leaves the enterprise through e-mail.  More than100 predefined out-of-the-box security and governance policies are maintained and updated by RSA's Information Policy and Classification Research Team. When combined with Cisco IronPort's high-performance content-scanning engine, intuitive workflow, reporting and auditing capabilities optimized for handling DLP violations, RSA Email DLP for Cisco IronPort is a complete DLP solution for data in motion over e-mail. In addition, customers may extend these capabilities to data at rest and data in use through a tight integration with the RSA® DLP Suite, enabling data loss prevention with unified management and a common information classification and policy framework for data at rest, in motion and in use. The addition of DLP functionality to Cisco IronPort's antispam, antivirus and encryption capabilities is designed to provide Cisco IronPort's customers with the most comprehensive, market-leading efficacy solution for inbound and outbound e-mail control and security.
  • Cisco IronPort S-Series With Data Loss Prevention: Cisco IronPort Web security appliances enforce data-security policy over webmail, blogs and social networking sites, as well as FTP. Integration with third-party DLP products enables advanced content scanning and policy enforcement. In addition to protecting against user-initiated data loss, Cisco IronPort Web Reputation Filters and other innovative features combine to target data-stealing malware from entering the network and blocking "phone home" data connections from existing malware.
  • Cisco Data Loss Prevention Risk Assessment Service: This professional service helps businesses understand their vulnerability to data loss and designs prevention strategies that align people, processes and technology. The service consists of three phases: 1) a review of data loss prevention policy, process and requirements; 2) an assessment of the data loss prevention posture; and 3) data analysis and recommendations. The service helps businesses meet regulatory, industry and environmental requirements by identifying specific gaps between desired or required DLP capabilities and their actual postures.

Supporting Quotes:

  • Keith Valory, director of product management, Security Technology business unit, Cisco:
  • "Preventing data loss is an essential requirement for our customers.  Today, we are providing accurate and intuitive solutions for monitoring and preventing data loss where it is extremely critical: on e-mail and on the Web.  These solutions give our customers an immediate head start on reducing the risk of data loss. Embedding RSA's data-classification technology and policies into our email security solutions puts Cisco in a unique position to offer a complete solution aimed at protecting data in motion over e-mail."

  • Erik Heidt, assistant vice president, information security, Fifth Third Bank:
  • "From our perspective, DLP is a business enabler. Fifth Third Bank is seeking a built-in, rather than bolt-on, systems approach to DLP. It allows the business to continue to use data effectively while protecting our customers, business partners, and the business itself from the misuse of that data. Embedding RSA Email DLP in the Cisco IronPort email security solution provides the ability to leverage the bank's existing investment in network infrastructure for stopping both inbound threats and outbound data loss."

  • Tom Corn, vice president of product marketing, RSA, the Security Division of EMC:
  • "Like never before, mobile devices and collaborative applications are allowing enterprise users to access and share information with ease, making it increasingly difficult for IT organizations to keep sensitive data protected. Embedding RSA's market-leading DLP technology into the Cisco IronPort platform fulfills a substantial need for RSA and Cisco customers, offering a built-in versus bolted-on solution for DLP that uses the infrastructure and provides a common framework for security policy and classification to secure data at rest, in motion, and in use."

Pricing and Availability:

  • The Cisco IronPort C-Series with RSA Email DLP is scheduled to be available in the fall of 2009. For more information visit:
  • The Cisco IronPort S-Series with DLP integration is available now. 
  • The Cisco Data Loss Prevention Risk Assessment Service is available now through Cisco and Cisco partners globally. Details might vary by region. For further information please contact your local Cisco representative and visit:

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