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Mobinil Upgrades Network to End-to-End IP Infrastructure with Cisco Technology

Egyptian Customers to Enjoy Enhanced Mobile Voice, Data and Video Services via State-of-the-Art IP Next- Generation Network
May 28, 2009

CAIRO, Egypt, May 28 2009 - Cisco today announced that it has been working with Mobinil, Egypt's largest mobile provider, to provide more than 16 million subscribers and with sophisticated mobile services and applications. Voice, data and video services will be delivered to Mobinil's subscribers over a single Cisco┬« Internet Protocol Next-Generation Network (IP-NGN).  The new IP-based infrastructure will help to reduce network complexity and management costs, enhance network reliability and readiness and provide an overall positive customer experience.

"Launching a comprehensive content platform is critical for our operations in Egypt today," commented Mr. Hassan Kabbani, president and CEO for Mobinil. "With the capability now to deliver voice, video and data to our customers over a single network we are helping increase digital inclusion across the region. Today's consumer and business users do not necessarily need a laptop to connect to the Internet anymore. They can get all the content they need over a simple mobile device."

Many countries in emerging markets are undergoing a transition from slow growth and limited connectivity to hyper growth when it comes to Internet and broadband penetration. Egypt's telecommunications industry has made impressive advances in recent years as the government has recognized that a properly functioning telecommunications and information technology (IT) infrastructure is essential in attracting foreign investment and in enabling both the private and public sectors to function more efficiently.

"Using an IP network as the platform will help Mobinil to deploy new services to customers quickly with minimal risk and capital investment," said Hani Abdel Aziz, general manager Cisco Egypt. "In addition to delivering multimedia services to mobile phone users, a single, converged Cisco IP Next-Generation Network will help Mobinil consolidate its position as a leading broadband provider, delivering seamless wireless Internet services to the home and businesses alike. The deployment will also increase broadband penetration, thereby contributing to Egypt's improved economic productivity and prosperity."

"Today and in the future, customers are demanding a significant amount of data services to be made available via their mobile phones. Previously, we had a number of complex disparate networks delivering services to our customers, which were extremely expensive to manage," Kabbani said. "We estimate that if we had not deployed a Cisco platform we would have had to increase our infrastructure 10-fold in the core network just to carry all the different services to meet customer needs."

Note to Editors:

Mobinil will deliver a suite of data, voice and video services over a highly available and scalable IP NGN, using Cisco XR 12410 Routers and the Cisco CRS-1Carrier Routing System. These new platforms will help Mobinil to eliminate the complexity and costs associated with managing multiple networks running separate services, and they will maintain the highest level of network availability by using the self-defending, self-healing capabilities of the Cisco IOS® XR operating system. The Cisco XR 12410 and CRS-1 will also help Mobinil to evolve its network to deliver the next generation of mobile IP services, such as mobile TV.

More information on Cisco's Carrier Routing System and XR 12000 Series can be found at