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Cisco Capital and UniCredit Leasing Launch Innovative Financing Program in Romania

EasyLease Helps SMBs Buy Latest Technology
Apr 14, 2009

BUCHAREST, Romania, April 14, 2009 - Advanced information and communications technology is a key differentiator that can help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) grow, become more competitive, and operate more efficiently within international supply chains. To help SMBs access and adopt networking technology, Cisco CapitalSM and UniCredit Leasing today announced the availability of the Cisco® EasyLease financing program in Romania.

Cisco EasyLease is designed to help SMB customers adopt state-of-the-art networking technology quickly and easily through leases for Cisco products and solutions under flexible terms and fast credit processing. Payments are made monthly or quarterly, helping businesses maintain consistent and balanced operating and capital expenditures.

"The biggest barrier for SMB companies is not the technology itself, but the lack of funds to implement new ICT solutions. Adequate financing can help remove budget issues, allowing companies to invest in advanced technology that will improve business productivity and operational efficiency while minimising costs," said Bogdan Dragos Constantinescu, general manager of Cisco Romania. "The competitive financing offer by Cisco Capital and UniCredit Leasing puts Cisco technology within the reach of more SMBs, enabling them to equip their workforces with the latest communications and information technologies and better compete in the local and international marketplace."

To encourage local SMBs to take advantage of the offer, Cisco Capital and UniCredit Leasing have designed a financing program that requires a minimal initial investment and offers maximum convenience. EasyLease is a floating-rate finance leasing offering, which is available on an initial promotion with highly competitive rates, on transactions of up to 200 000 euros, subject to credit status and approval by UniCredit Leasing.

"UniCredit Leasing Corp. has further consolidated its leading position in the Romanian leasing market, and through the present collaboration with Cisco, has taken another step to support SMBs. We are proud to collaborate with leading companies in the Romanian market and are pleased to join the Cisco Capital EasyLease financing program in Romania. Our company has the financial strength to provide financing solutions that are especially designed for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses," stated Dan Constantinescu, chief sales officer of UniCredit Leasing in Romania.

The financing offer is available through Cisco Certified Partners. It forms an integral part of Cisco's tailored set of products and services specifically designed for SMBs. Cisco has also worked out a smart business road map for SMBs, a plan that matches short- and long-term business goals with specific technology solutions. For more information about Cisco's offering for businesses, please visit:

About UniCredit Leasing

As a member of UniCredit Group, one of the largest financial institutions in Europe, UniCredit Leasing has substantially strengthened and further expanded its business to create a truly international leasing network. With more than 2,900 employees in 17 countries, UniCredit Leasing is nowadays the undisputed leader in the growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

About UniCredit Group

UniCredit is a major international financial institution with strong roots in 22 European countries as well as representative offices in 27 other markets, with over 40 million clients and more than 10,200 branches, approximately 174,000 employees at 31 December 2008.

In the CEE region, UniCredit operates the largest international banking network with over 4,000 branches and outlets.