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Better Internet Access for Orphans in Malaysia Helps Improve Their Development

Cisco Malaysia and Networking Academy Students Hook up Rumah HOPE to the Human Network
Apr 02, 2009

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, April 2, 2009 - Cisco Malaysia together with students from the Cisco® Networking Academy® recently lent their expertise to connect the children of Rumah HOPE orphanage with an improved wireless network. The initiative allows the orphans to gain better network and Internet access, which is instrumental to their development and education.

Six students from Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, took part in this initiative and were tasked with installing, setting up and configuring wireless routers at the orphanage. Once the wireless network was setup, they were required to test the Internet connectivity to ensure that it was working well. The students then sat with the orphans to guide and educate them as they logged on to the new network for the very first time.

"At Cisco, we believe not only in investing in, but also engaging with the community. This initiative is an example of where our employees have brought their knowledge to the fore and worked together with academy students to help the less fortunate. By enabling a wireless home environment, Rumah HOPE orphans will have access to a world of information and knowledge that will enhance their lives and change the way they live, play and learn," said Anne Abraham, managing director, Cisco Malaysia.

Cisco Malaysia contributed Cisco wireless networking equipment to Rumah HOPE. The products include four units of Cisco WAP200 Wireless-G Access Points and Routers and Cisco High Gain Antenna for SMA Connectors HGA7S.

These products extend wireless network connectivity in the orphanage, providing a consistent and well-rounded coverage area. The residents of Rumah HOPE now have the freedom to access to the Internet and network anywhere in the compound of the orphanage. In addition, the devices can also support voice and video applications, which enable the children to use Internet phone or video applications to talk and collaborate with their friends.

Apart from accessing the Internet, it is also possible for the children to share files through the same wireless network without hassles, anywhere and at any time within the home.

"We are grateful to Cisco and the Networking Academy students who took the time to patiently put everything together for the children. On top of that, the children had fun interacting with the students and were most interested to learn how to use the Internet. Now, with a better, and wider Internet access, the children will definitely have a chance to widen their perspective beyond the boundaries of the environment they live in, and this will help them learn and experience new things," said Madam Alice Paul, director, Rumah Hope.

The Cisco Networking Academy program is a comprehensive e-learning programme that provides students with the IT networking skills essential in a global economy. The program was launched in Malaysia in 2001 to help expand IT and talent development by offering professional certifications in networking with education institutions. Since its inception, Malaysia has produced 18,000 certified networking graduates to date with 47 academies.