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BAE Systems to enhance global collaboration with AT&T Telepresence solution

Participants around the world can instantly connect for an "in-person" Cisco TelePresence experience
Mar 30, 2009

ARLINGTON, Va., March 30, 2009 - BAE Systems Land and Armaments, an operating group within BAE Systems, a global defense and aerospace contractor, is enhancing their global collaboration and productivity with AT&T's Telepresence Solution. Under a new $5 million, three-year contract with AT&T*, BAE Systems Land & Armaments will use the AT&T Telepresence Solution to provide an "in-person" meeting experience with leadership teams and engineering teams across the U.S, and the United Kingdom. This capability will be expanded to Sweden, South Africa and other regions in the future.

With AT&T Telepresence Solution, BAE Systems Land and Armament employees will be able to sit across the table from "actual-size" video of colleagues around the world on ultra-high definition 1080p screens with spatial, wide-band audio and communicate real-time across AT&T's reliable network. In addition, with the AT&T Business Exchange technology, BAE Systems Land and Armaments will be able to conduct multipoint meetings beyond the enterprise boundary to help enable meetings with customers, suppliers and partners.

Specifically, the solution, which is based on the award-winning Cisco TelePresence technology, will enable closer collaboration across BAE Systems Land and Armaments' global and regional teams, which will help accelerate decision-making processes and problem-solving for high-priority projects. With the anticipated increase in productivity through engineering team collaboration, and frequent management team interactions, the participants will also realize reduction in travel time and costs.

In addition, with AT&T fully managing the solution to include in-room equipment, installation, full monitoring and management of the application, network provisioning, remote help desk service and on-site equipment maintenance and repair, BAE Systems Land and Armaments will not have to assign and allocate additional resources for support activities and will therefore have the ability to focus the resources on other projects.

"Connecting our employees and bridging the distances between our home markets is a key capability which is being rolled out through our World-Class IT Infrastructure Initiative. AT&T's managed Telepresence Solution is a critical component to enable this capability. Our teams will experience an in-person meeting without having to travel frequently. We anticipate reduction in travel time, costs, and realize other benefits including improved employee safety and quality of life through this environmentally-friendly tool," said Bharat Amin, VP & CIO at BAE Systems Land & Armaments.

"In a rapidly changing world, businesses need the ability to change course quickly, collaborate globally, and streamline decision-making across multiple parties," said Ronald E. Spears, president and CEO of AT&T Business Solutions. "AT&T's Telepresence Solution offers a secure, 'in-person' Cisco TelePresence meeting experience that is ultimately transforming how enterprises communicate and collaborate with their employees, customers and partners around the world."

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