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Cisco Delivers Ethernet-Based High Performance Software to Help Accelerate Financial Services Applications

Collaboration with NYSE Technologies Delivers Financial Services Solution to Accelerate Automated Trading Applications
Jan 26, 2009

BARCELONA, Spain (Cisco Networkers)- January 26, 2009 - Cisco today announced it has collaborated with NYSE Technologies to develop an Ethernet-based integrated messaging solution for the financial services industry that accelerates automated trading environments and improves end-to-end application performance using industry standards-based technologies. The solution supports the Cisco® Data Center 3.0 vision to help its customers build next generation data centers that support their business goals. The solution tested by Cisco combines NYSE Technologies' Data Fabric high performance middleware, NetEffect Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA)-capable 10GbE Network Interface Cards (NICs) from Intel®, Cisco Nexus 5000 Series switches and Cisco RDMA Accelerated Buffers (RAB) drivers to accelerate market data infrastructures without requiring customers to implement new transport technologies and without having to change their applications.


  • Designed to work with the Cisco Nexus platform, the solution uses standards-based 10-Gigabit-per-second Data Center Ethernet (DCE), which provides the reliability and lossless characteristics of Fibre Channel and the high performance, low-latency characteristics of InfiniBand.
  • This solution helps customers build market data infrastructures designed to handle rising message rates, while reducing the message delivery latency and latency jitter between server nodes. The result is a more accurate view into the state of the market plus higher success rates in completing trades.
  • Cisco performance tests on the solution, which included NYSE Technologies' Data Fabric, Cisco RAB, Cisco Nexus 5000, and NetEffect NICs from Intel, demonstrated a rate of over a million messages per second and latencies in tens of microseconds at the application level. The resulting latency jitter is a fraction of the average latency, enabling customers to implement highly predictable environments.
  • Implementing a high-capacity, low-latency infrastructure designed to handle traffic spikes can provide the competitive advantages needed to excel in the capital markets industry.

Industry Quotes:

  • "NYSE Technologies collaborated with Cisco to bring to market an integrated messaging Ethernet solution based on Data Fabric that offers our customers the ability to build high-performance trading infrastructures that deliver the performance they need for their mission critical applications without requiring custom hardware," said Conor Allen, vice president, High Performance Messaging at NYSE Technologies.
  • "Financial industry customers want high-performance networking without being locked into proprietary architectures," said Tom Swinford, vice president and general manager, Intel LAN Access Division. "Ethernet's broad deployment and track record of sustained innovation and performance increases make it the ideal, easily deployable solution for our customers."


  • Cicso Nexus 5020 Switch

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