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Cisco Brings Manufacturers Together to make Connected Home Products Simple to Set-up and Easy to Use

Cisco Device Connections Program Provides Vendors License Rights to use HNAP in their Networked Devices for Easier Set up, Configuration and Interoperability on a Home Network
Jan 07, 2009

LAS VEGAS - January 7, 2009 - Cisco® today announced the Cisco Device Connections Program (Cisco DCP), a program which enables manufacturers to use the Home Network Administration Protocol (HNAP) in variety of network connected devices. HNAP enables a simple, secure and open approach for devices to be set up and configured with other HNAP enabled devices on a home network.


  • Cisco is leading the effort to make connected home products easier to use and set-up through open licensing of its HNAP technology. The Cisco Device Connections Program provides manufacturers of networkable devices, such as PCs, cameras, routers/gateways, storage, media players, printers and others access to Cisco's Home Network Administration Protocol (HNAP) to license into their products.
  • The Cisco Device Connections Program is intended to establish an ecosystem of vendors of interoperable networkable products that can work together so that customers can experience the full potential of the Media Enabled Home, including easy set up, device discovery, management, wireless security, remote access, and more!
  • The Cisco DCP is designed to demonstrate that vendor's HNAP enabled devices have met the recognized test criteria and can be publicly endorsed and promoted as working better on, and integrated with home networks that use HNAP enabled routers/gateways and Network Magic software.
  • Cisco is committed to the Device Connections Program and deploying the HNAP technology across its line of products.
  • The Cisco DCP provides manufacturers with the verification and license to use HNAP in their networkable devices. Benefits of being a DCP licensee
    • Licensees of the Cisco DCP will be able to build their own network administration tools and applications that take advantage of the HNAP protocol and provide and/or open up their devices for integrated control and configuration with other HNAP-based applications.
    • Accurate Topology Discovery within Cisco's Network Management Software Suite
    • Access to tools and platform technologies for building their own consumer applications (setup, management etc.) to take advantage of HNAP devices
    • Ability to communicate directly with Cisco consumer products including Linksys by Cisco routers (which include Network Magic) or other routers/gateways with the addition of Network Magic and program/obtain settings for custom task extensibility
    • Certification and assurance that their product(s) will work not only with all of the new Linksys by Cisco home networking technologies, but also with other devices that use HNAP as a discovery and communications method along with Network Magic software.
    • There are no licensing fees required.

Supporting Quotes:

  • Ned Hooper, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Consumer Group, Cisco
  • "With the proliferation of entertainment content, devices and services, consumers' home networks have become increasingly complex to set-up and manage. Cisco's open HNAP license program leads the industry ecosystem to address these consumer pain points and improve the overall consumer experience."

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