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Cisco IP Service Engine Technology expands Deutsche Telekom's Broadband Infrastructure

Cisco IP Service Engine (ISE) Linecard Replaces Up to Three Edge Routers

Broadband Infrastructure Optimization Helps Deutsche Telekom to Meet Customer Demand
Nov 17, 2008

MUNICH, Germany, November 17, 2008 - Deutsche Telekom is expanding its broadband infrastructure to support new innovative multimedia services with the implementation of Cisco IP Service Engine (ISE) technology in its Cisco 12000 Series Routers. The project is part of Deutsche Telekom's network optimization program to converge services from multiple platforms onto one of the world's largest multi-vendor Internet Protocol / Multiprotocol Label Switching (IP / MPLS) networks.

Cisco ISE linecard technology will enhance the quality and variety of multimedia and broadband services available to Deutsche Telekom customers while significantly reducing operational costs. The modular configuration of the ISE linecards provides a cost-effective solution to Deutsche Telekom as each linecard can deliver the capacity of up to three existing routers. This simplifies the network architecture, leading to considerable savings in maintenance costs, space requirements and power consumption. Each ISE linecard is able to support additional capacity, allowing Deutsche Telekom to extend its investment and facilitate future expansion plans.

Cisco is providing a smooth transition for Deutsche Telekom's ongoing network transformation process with tailored, coordinated services delivered by the Cisco Advanced Services team and selected specialist Cisco system integration partners. Cisco ISE technology is enhancing the value of Deutsche Telekom's IP/MPLS backbone by increasing port capacities, functionality and operational efficiency to facilitate the transformation of existing carrier networks into a MPLS-enabled IP Next Generation Network.