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Cisco and Filmaka Announce Winners of the Digital Cribs Video Contest for Aspiring Filmmakers

SAN JOSE, CA - November 24, 2008 Highlights/Key Facts:
Nov 24, 2008

SAN JOSE, CA - November 24, 2008

Highlights/Key Facts:

  • Today, Cisco and Filmaka announced the winners of the Digital Cribs video contest. Filmaka and Cisco partnered to create the Digital Cribs contest specifically for Filmaka's global community of aspiring filmmakers, in an effort to show how individuals from around the world use consumer technology and their home network in interesting ways.
  • Ten brand and 10 viewers' choice winners were selected to win the Digital Cribs video contest. Brand winners were selected by Cisco executives based on authenticity, originality and the technology story. Viewers' choice winners received the highest number of votes from all viewers.
  • In parallel, Cisco is running its "Heaven or Hell" video contest to give consumers the chance to tell their stories about how they use consumer technology. The Cisco Digital Cribs: Heaven or Hell video contest is out to find the coolest uses of personal technology and home networks as well as the most frustrating stories of technology gone awry. The contest is part of Cisco's "Digital Cribs" Web series, which aims to demystify consumer technology and inspire conversations about how consumer technology and the network contribute to a digitally enhanced lifestyle. Click here to view the Digital Cribs: Heaven or Hell social media release.
  • Participants can enter the "Digital Cribs: Heaven or Hell" contest through Nov. 26, 2008.
  • Cisco's Digital Cribs Web series takes viewers inside the homes of Internet, entertainment and sports enthusiasts to reveal the interesting ways they are using consumer technology. Click here to view the "Digital Cribs" webisode social media release.


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  • Ken Wirt, vice president, Consumer Marketing, Cisco
  • "The global Filmaka community has contributed nearly 100 videos that convey a true passion for technology and how it enhances the way people live their lives," said Ken Wirt, vice president, Consumer Marketing, Cisco. "Their films document real consumer experiences and illustrate the benefit of a connected life using a home network"

  • Sandy Grushow, President, Filmaka
  • "Filmaka's global community of directors, writers and other artists rely on digital technology to stay connected with friends and family, to find out about opportunities like Cisco's Digital Cribs competition, which can further their careers, and to create and showcase their work. Filmaka thanks Cisco for providing our members with such a relevant and rewarding assignment and congratulates our 20 winners."

  • Robin Glass, Digital Cribs Brand Winner
  • "From my small studio in a backwash of São Paulo to the world. ... it's a thrill and a privilege to be a part of this pixel revolution, to tell my story, and to have the right gear for the job. … Winning the Cisco Digital Cribs competition came like a bolt of encouragement to do more, to create, to touch others."

  • Spike McKenzie, Digital Cribs Brand Winner
  • "As a filmmaker I rely on digital technology from start to finish: from casting actors from Web sites, to filming, editing and uploading the finished product. … The opportunity to possibly share this information with a global audience and have the work seen by Cisco, the Filmaka community and many more is truly exciting!"

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  • Robin Glass, "Robin Glass - Digital Crib" (Brazil)
  • Spike McKenzie, "Travis's Digital Crib" (Australia)


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