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Governor of Buenos Aires and John Chambers Discuss Socio- economic Development over Cisco TelePresence

Leaders Inaugurate First Cisco TelePresence Facility in Argentina to Discuss Impact of Technology on Social Inclusion in Province of Buenos Aires
Oct 06, 2008

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, October 6, 2008 - Daniel Scioli, the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, and John Chambers, chairman and chief executive officer of Cisco, met today via Cisco® TelePresence to discuss the use of technology for health, education and economic development for greater social inclusion of citizens. The TelePresence session linked Cisco premises in Buenos Aires, London, Miami, and San Jose, Calif., to provide a unique "in person" experience despite being thousands of miles away from each other.

Buenos Aires Province Governor and J. Chambers

Buenos Aires Province Governor and J. Chambers

The leaders also discussed the impact of globalization and the fundamental role that network technologies can play in helping enable people from different geographies around the world to collaborate and work together.

"The province of Buenos Aires has a tradition of technology innovation, and today we have the largest connected government network in Argentina. Technology is a key aspect in my management as a facilitator to achieve an efficient and collaborative government with the response capacity to satisfy citizens' needs," Scioli said.

Joining the meeting from London, Paul Mountford, president for emerging markets at Cisco, said: "Cisco is focused on promoting sustainable growth in emerging markets by enabling networked economies and the development of world-class talent in all markets to help government and industry drive innovation. We can help emerging countries develop strategies to enhance productivity and social inclusion by deploying intelligent networks and providing connectivity in remote locations."

Technologies based on the Internet serve as a catalyst for economic growth and social progress in developing economies around the world. Besides reducing costs, they improve efficiency, promote global competitiveness, and provide new ways of reaching users who have no access to essential services. By using Internet-enabled technologies, government and industry can empower citizens with an improved quality of life and access to better health, education and security services.

Also participating in the Cisco TelePresence meeting in Argentina were Buenos Aires Province General Secretary Jose Scioli; Undersecretary of State for Modernization in Buenos Aires Diego Gorgal; and Cisco General Manager, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay (APU), Horacio Werner. Jaime Valles, vice president of Latin America for Cisco, participated in the meeting via TelePresence from Cisco's offices in Miami.

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