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TRE-FOR Bredbånd A/S Delivers Outstanding Customer Choice with Video on Demand over Fiber

Danish Fiber-to-the-Home Provider Readies Network for Advanced Video Services with Cisco Content Delivery System
Sep 08, 2008

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, September 8, 2008 - Cisco announced today that TRE-FOR Bredbånd A/S, the broadband network operator serving the Triangle Region in Denmark, has transformed its open access fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network to deliver advanced entertainment and interactive media. TRE-FOR Bredbånd A/S has deployed the Cisco® Content Delivery System (CDS) to provide its content provider partners with a highly extensible platform to support high-value subscriber services such as video-on-demand (VoD), program time-shifting, local programming, "long tail" content, and public, educational and government channels. The Cisco CDS solution also offers the possibility of targeted ad insertion and network personal video recording (nPVR) services if future legislation allows.

"Denmark has one of the most advanced broadband infrastructures in the world," said Uffe Nielsen, general manager, TRE-FOR Bredbånd A/S. "Our network already offers outstanding bandwidth to our customers, so we are focusing on giving customers outstanding choice in TV entertainment in this phase of our network development. We have been working with Cisco successfully for many years in the build out of our fiber network and the addition of the Cisco Content Delivery System solution will make it possible for our content providers to enhance their offering with higher-value services."

TRE-FOR Bredbånd A/S will be able to support a larger number of content providers on its open access network and make it possible for these provider partners to enhance their content offerings. Time-shift TV and VoD services are scheduled to be available early next year.

"People's expectations of video quality and choice of programming are getting higher and higher," said Niels Münster-Hansen, general manager at Cisco Denmark. "Content providers need a high-performance VoD platform that will provide the scalability, flexibility and availability to satisfy consumer demands. By implementing the Cisco Content Delivery System solution on a Cisco-based Ethernet FTTH network, TRE-FOR Bredbånd A/S has the platform to meet these needs."

The Cisco CDS solution is an innovative, Internet Protocol Next-Generation Network (IP NGN)-based, modular video-delivery platform. It delivers an unprecedented level of scalability and reliability, while giving service providers an advantage by accelerating the provision of the next generation of personalized entertainment and interactive media. Cisco's intelligent caching technology automates the distribution of video content by responding dynamically to actual viewer demand and popularity trends. This adaptive content distribution model helps ensure that the content that is most popular at any point in time at each network node is available in local storage, significantly reducing the bandwidth burden on the IP NGN architecture backbone.