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TT&T in Thailand Deploys First Cisco WiMAX Network in Asia Pacific at Mae Fah Luang University

BANGKOK, Thailand, August 26, 2008 - TT&T is deploying the
Aug 26, 2008

BANGKOK, Thailand, August 26, 2008 - TT&T is deploying the first Cisco WiMAX network in Asia Pacific at Mae Fah Luang University. Expected to help bridge the digital divide, this will also be the first production WiMAX network in Thailand once the rollout is completed in September.

Located in Chiang Rai province in north Thailand, Mae Fah Luang University selected TT&T to deploy the network after it obtained a WiMAX license as part of the Pilot Tele-Center for Rural Area Education and Development Project in commemoration of the 80th birthday of the king of Thailand. TT&T is deploying the Cisco® Mobile WiMAX suite of solutions, which feature innovations that will help TT&T reduce capital and operating expenses while increasing overall network capacity.

Prachuab Tantinon, managing director of TT&T Public Company Limited, said, "We chose Cisco because of its proven expertise and leadership in networking technology. We now realize that we have made the right choice and are well on schedule thanks to the innovative features of Cisco's WiMAX solutions and the support from their local, regional and global teams."

Before deciding to collaborate with Cisco, TT&T tested Cisco Mobile WiMAX in a school in Bangkok and found that the equipment was able to sustain impressive data throughput speeds even at a range of five to seven kilometers away in non line-of-sight conditions.

Dr. Tatchapol Poshyanonoda, managing director of Cisco Thailand, said: "Cisco is pleased to be given this opportunity to be part of the first operational rollout of a WiMAX network in Thailand. Mobile WiMAX enables high-speed broadband services to be deployed in remote and rugged environments like Chiang Rai, which will help bridge the digital divide in Thailand. Once the project is completed, the staff and students in Mae Fah Luang University will be able to enjoy a richer educational environment that will fully employ voice, video, data and mobility services over the WiMAX network."

Dr. Tatchapol added that Cisco is well-positioned to help mobile phone operators and wireless Internet service providers evolve their networks to overcome challenges such as limited capital and operating expenses, increasing the sophistication of consumers and the ability of emerging players to compete.

Cisco Mobile WiMAX combines both adaptive beamforming and beamformed multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technologies, two advancements uniquely combined to push the capabilities of broadband wireless networks. The unique combination doubles the data throughput for mobile WiMAX, extends the range, and enhances the signal strength. By using both adaptive beamforming and MIMO technologies, Cisco offers base station and smart-antenna solutions that enable data transmissions at rates up to six times that of other WiMAX solutions.

Cisco Mobile WiMAX also extends coverage. In many places where standard signals cannot be received, the enhanced beamformed MIMO signal has the power and performance to break through. The results are better mobility, higher throughput rates and better coverage both indoors and outside. The Cisco technology also enables fewer cell sites while increasing the overall network capacity.