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Social Media Release: Cisco Announces WebEx Online Meetings Promotional Package for Small Businesses

Highlights / Key Facts: With gas prices so high today,
Aug 13, 2008

Highlights / Key Facts:

  • With gas prices so high today, commuting to the office and traveling to customer sites by car or air has become very expensive. Small businesses and individual professionals feel the pinch acutely, and are seeking new ways to serve customers and interact with colleagues while saving travel expenses. Many are discovering they can take care of business very effectively-at far less cost-with WebEx online meetings.
  • WebEx makes it possible for people to share presentations and documents, and demonstrate applications over the web, much like they do in person. They can even share their webcams to create a face-to-face experience.
  • WebEx is a great way to makes sales presentations, consult with remote clients, provide training, and have routine staff or project meetings. People can host and join online meetings from any Internet-connected computer, anywhere in the world.
  • A special Meetings Plus promotional package is currently available to small businesses. It is a limited-time offer, and runs through October 25, 2008. It includes:
      1. Unlimited use of WebEx Meeting Center, the company's premier web meeting service, compatible with both PCs and Macs
      2. Integrated toll teleconferencing and Voice over IP (VoIP) calling delivered over the highly secure, private WebEx network at no extra charge.
      3. The package provides meeting capacity for up to 25 people per meeting, and is available at a special low price of just $59/month with pre-paid annual commitment or $69/month with no commitment.
  • Individuals and businesses can accomplish more and serve customers better while spending less on travel. Using WebEx saves time and money…plus it reduces carbon emissions.


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  • "WebEx is a terrific way to reduce travel-and avoid paying high gas prices," said Patrick Moran, Director of WebEx Small Business Marketing at Cisco. "It's an easy way to interact with remote customers and team members, and with the Meetings Plus promotion, it's more affordable than ever. Now small businesses can get our 'big business' service-with the high performance, reliability, and security our largest customers demand-for a very small-business friendly price."
  • "When customers see our product through WebEx, they always ask us for a proposal," says David Farmer, founder and chief executive officer of Ad Giants. "In one instance, it took just one phone call and one WebEx meeting to close the sale."

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Date/Time Stamp: August 13, 2008. 5:00am PT