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Cisco WebEx Helps Business Travellers Turn to the Web to Beat Travel Chaos

Free online collaboration tools for all businesses affected by tube strikes
Aug 19, 2008

LONDON, August 19, 2008 - Leading web collaboration experts Cisco WebEx announced today that it will give free trials of web conferencing technology to help businesses to cope with tube strikes over the next few weeks.

Up to 1,000 tube workers are planning two strikes, beginning on Wednesday 20th August and Wednesday 3rd September. Both strikes are expected to start at midday and then last until the following Saturdays, potentially causing major disruption to London's commuters and business community.

Many face-to-face business engagements are essential for productivity and the strikes could play havoc with those that underestimate just how important this could be.

However, Natalie Butler, UK Manager, Cisco WebEx, argued: "Companies really shouldn't be brought to a standstill by these travel strikes. If they take the appropriate measures, such as meeting online, it should be a case of business as usual. The strikes could be used as an opportunity for businesses to review their travel policies. With current environmental and economic climates, we've seen more and more companies reduce their travel by using the alternatives available."

Commuters and business travellers have already been hit this year by rising oil prices, further increasing the cost of domestic and international travel. As costs rise and businesses look at how technology can help them reduce operating costs, Cisco WebEx has seen uptake of its collaborative services grow across Europe, with a 20 per cent increase between May and June 2008. With more transport strikes likely to be planned during the remainder of the year, businesses can take action now to pre-empt any disruption, by taking advantage of online collaboration tools.

Butler continued: "We've seen from our customers that businesses can get more done with fewer resources when working online. Businesses can work with anyone, anywhere without leaving their desks. By offering WebEx during this period, we hope to demonstrate just how productive doing business on the web can be."

To get free access to Cisco WebEx online collaboration tools, businesses should go to: