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Johor State Government to Deploy Cisco Unified Communications to Enhance Collaboration in New Administrative Centre

JOHOR BAHRU, Malaysia, June 19, 2008 - The Johor State
Jun 19, 2008

JOHOR BAHRU, Malaysia, June 19, 2008 - The Johor State Government has decided on a Cisco® Unified Communications system that will be deployed by Cisco Gold Certified Partner HP and MysysNet, a leading information and communications technology (ICT) systems integrator in Johor. The Unified Communications system, which includes more than 1,000 Cisco Unified IP Phones, will deliver the voice, video and data communications needs of state government employees in the Johor State New Administrative Centre (JSNAC) in Nusajaya. The southernmost state on the Malaysian peninsula, Johor has a population of just over 3 million.

Cisco networking equipment was also used to provide connectivity for Johor State under the Johor Electronic Government (JEG) Phases 1 and 2, with the project management undertaken by MysysNet. The decision by the Johor State Government to deploy Cisco Unified Communications is part of the state's plans to use technology to advance economic development there.

"We initially did not consider Cisco as a provider of our telephony needs, but after seeing from Cisco, HP and MysysNet what unified communications can do to enhance collaboration, we knew we needed to go with their solution. Cisco equipment is at the heart of the Johor State network infrastructure, which also made it much easier for us to deploy and maintain the solution," said Cik Ruzana, systems analyst for the Science, Technology and ICT unit for the Johor State Government.

"This is a major step for the state of Johor, as unified communications represents a major leap forward in productivity and will add a lot of value to the work-life balance of our government employees. Having Cisco as the foundational network also made it easy for the government to choose unified communications. HP's expertise with the Cisco Unified Communications system, combined with MysysNet's project management, also increased the level of confidence in the government to push through with this," said MysysNet managing director, Md. Sees Md. Ali.

Johor State's focus on ICT to rejuvenate the state government's operations places it among other governments around the world that have also seen the potential in ICT to create closer relationships with their citizens, enhance the business climate for investors, and increasingly, to lower the environmental footprint of their cities.

"Cisco is excited by the Johor State Government's decision to select Cisco Unified Communications in addition to its earlier investments in the network. This creates a lot of opportunities for the state to interact with its citizens in new and richer ways: to take advantage of all the Web 2.0 technologies today and beyond. This is also an opportunity for Cisco to work closer with the state government to assess how ICT can be used to address climate change and how the network can be used as a 'green' platform for sustainable business and government progress. If we are innovative and collaborative in our approach, ICT can dramatically improve how we manage our global environmental footprint and climate concerns," said Kumaran Singaram, managing director for Cisco Malaysia.

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