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Cisco Switched Digital Video Platform Selected by Rogers Cable

Solution to Enable Advanced Services to Subscribers
Jun 26, 2008

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - SCTE Cable-Tec EXPO - June 26, 2008 - Cisco today announced that Rogers Cable Communications Inc, Canada's largest cable television operator, has selected the Cisco® Switched Digital Video (SDV) system for its Ontario customers. Cisco's SDV platform is an integrated, cost-effective, and highly scalable solution.

With the accelerating rollout of advanced, bandwidth-hungry digital services, such as high-definition television (HDTV) and video-on-demand (VoD), Cisco's SDV system helps operators more efficiently utilize bandwidth, while priming their site operations for next-generation advanced services and new revenue-generating opportunities.

"As cable operators continue to evolve from service providers to 'experience providers,' we're evolving our network solutions so they may better utilize the hybrid fiber-coaxial spectrum," said Greg Hardy, vice president of Business Development for Cisco's Service Provider Video Technology Group. "Our scalable SDV solution helps enable service providers to strategically expand their network and service offerings for years to come."

When the installation is completed, Rogers Cable customers will receive switched services enabled by Cisco's SDV servers, encryption and quadrature amplitude modulators (QAMs). Cisco's widely deployed SDV platform is based on open cable TV (CATV) industry and Internet Protocol-based (IP) standards, and it interfaces between all network elements. Cisco's SDV solution further includes a comprehensive service and support offering designed to meet aggressive deployment schedules and provide long-term technical and operations support.

Cisco's SDV service and support applications offer a variety of software support tools, including those that provide detailed viewership, automatically detect network issues and enable capacity planning. By deploying Cisco's industry-unique solution that includes a real-time data collection engine that powers capacity planning and system monitoring applications, service providers can reduce customer impact while increasing operational performance.

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