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Social Media Release: Cisco Sets Business Mobility in Motion with New Architecture

Highlights / Key Facts: Cisco® Motion is Cisco's innovative
May 28, 2008

Highlights / Key Facts:

  • Cisco® Motion is Cisco's innovative approach for business mobility that delivers practical solutions for integrating mobile devices, applications, security and disparate networks into a unified platform.
  • The Cisco Motion vision includes an evolved architecture approach that empowers businesses to meet mobility demands and move beyond basic wireless networking into the next generation of business.
  • The cornerstone of the Cisco Motion vision is the Cisco 3300 Series Mobility Services Engine (MSE), an appliance-based platform that offers an open application programming interface (API) for consolidating and supporting an array of mobility services across wireless and wired networks.

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Today's business mobility challenges cannot be solved using only traditional wireless LAN solutions when multiple network elements are converging and must work together. Cisco's Motion approach is a true services-oriented network architecture that creates a mobility network as a platform for integrating key business strategies, processes and goals," said Brett Galloway, senior vice president of Cisco's Wireless and Security Technology Group. "To meet and exceed business mobility expectations, IT professionals must secure and manage a range of devices, integrate multiple networks, enable applications, access information with a high level of security, and help ensure a consistent experience regardless of network connection or location."

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