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IronPort Reduces Power Consumption and Improves Efficiency with High-Performance Security Solutions

95 Percent of Fortune's Most 'Accountable' Companies Rely on IronPort Products to Support Green Initiatives
May 21, 2008

SAN BRUNO, Calif. - May 21, 2008 - IronPort® Systems - a leading provider of enterprise spam, virus and spyware protection, and now part of Cisco - today announced that its high-performance security solutions are helping its customers dramatically reduce their power consumption and data center footprint. Not only is IronPort is helping enterprises save money, but its products are also contributing positively to its customers' environmental initiatives. In fact, IronPort's products are currently in use by 95 percent of Fortune magazine's 100 Most "Accountable" Companies, which are ranked by their commitment to social and environmental goals.

"Spam volumes continue to double annually and now completely dominate legitimate mail volumes. Without spam-mitigation tools, enterprises would need to double email capacity annually, a practically unbearable burden," said Peter Christy, founder of the Internet Research Group. "Effective spam tools protect email resources, but these engines still require scaling to deal with growing spam volumes. IronPort's purpose-engineered mail processors deliver significantly more throughput than competitive alternatives; that translates into fewer spam servers and reduced power and space requirements. This benefit is compounded by IronPort's effective reputation services, which drop most of the spam traffic at the network connection level before the spam engines need to process it. On balance, IronPort delivers leading spam mitigation per joule of energy invested, an attribute of growing importance as both spam volumes and energy prices continue to rise unabated."

IronPort's security products are 66 percent more effective than competing solutions in reducing power consumption and data center footprint . The company's products are five to ten times faster than competitors' offerings, enabling customers to replace multiple devices from other manufacturers with a single, highly-efficient IronPort security appliance. By developing extremely high-performance security appliances, IronPort enables customers to use less power when scanning incoming content for threats such as viruses, malware and spam. Edge filtering also stops more malicious and suspicious content from entering an organization's network, requiring less storage of unnecessary data. These features translate into real savings because customers are able to reduce power consumption and their data center footprint.

"At IronPort, our focus has always been on creating a clean, safe Internet experience for our customers," said Tom Gillis, vice president of marketing at IronPort. "Many of our customers have realized the benefits, both to the bottom line and their social responsibilities, of utilizing IronPort's security appliances."

Many top companies around the world are utilizing IronPort products. IronPort customers include 95 of the top 100 Most "Accountable" Companies as ranked by Fortune magazine, as well 42 percent of Fortune 100 companies.

"With our previous vendor, we needed a number of devices to ensure that our network was secure. This configuration was not only expensive to deploy and maintain, but it used a lot of valuable rack space," said Frank Miller, chief technical officer at BendBroadband. "IronPort has significantly simplified our security infrastructure. With a single IronPort appliance, we receive unsurpassed security services in a smaller footprint, allowing us to save space in our data center."

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