News Release

Hon David Cunliffe Opens Cisco New Zealand's Head Office

Cisco TelePresence technology used to connect Hon David Cunliffe, Minister of Communications and Information Technology with Martin Harvey, New Zealand High Commissioner to Singapore
May 20, 2008

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, May 20, 2008 – Communications and Information Technology Minister David Cunliffe officially opened Cisco New Zealand's new head office in Auckland last night. As part of the ceremony, the Minister and Geoff Lawrie, Cisco New Zealand country manager conducted a virtual face-to-face meeting from multiple locations around the world with Martin Harvey, the New Zealand High Commissioner to Singapore speaking from his Singapore base and Les Williamson, Cisco Australia New Zealand Vice President joining from Melbourne. 

The meeting was conducted using Cisco's TelePresence meeting solution. TelePresence is an innovative new technology that creates a live 'face-to-face' meeting experience that can take place in multiple locations, with multiple organisations, enabling people to interact and collaborate like never before.

Geoff Lawrie said: "In a country that is geographically isolated, the Cisco TelePresence meeting solution brings businesses and their customers and partners closer together. It is set to change the way New Zealand companies meet 'in-person' and collaborate over long distances. This innovative technology will reduce operational costs of business travel and increase productivity and decision making of businesses across multiple locations."

The meeting discussed the benefits this technology will bring New Zealand companies as they collaborate and communicate with suppliers, staff and customers off shore, all for a fraction of the cost of air travel and with significant time savings and environmental benefits.