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Xanadoo Delivers Mobile WiMAX Service with Cisco IP NGN Infrastructure

Cisco Helps Xanadoo Launch One of the First WiMAX Broadband Wireless Networks in North America
Apr 01, 2008

LAS VEGAS, (CTIA WIRELESS 2008®), - April 1, 2008 - Cisco today announced that Xanadoo Company has utilized Cisco® Internet Protocol Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) infrastructure to launch one of the first commercial North American mobile WiMAX broadband wireless networks. Mobile WiMAX, based on the Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (IEEE 802.16e) specification, is a mobile wireless technology that will enable high-speed Internet Protocol (IP)-based services for both businesses and consumers who want to access gaming and music, stream video and transfer large files, all while on the go.

Xanadoo selected WiMAX in order to provide mobile broadband wireless access service to markets in the United States with populations of 100,000 to 1 million. The company selected Cisco after evaluating several competitive solutions. Xanadoo's wireless networks and portable modems are enabled by a Cisco Broadband Wireless solution and are based on Cisco IP NGN architecture.

With more than 14,000 wireless broadband customers across markets in Texas, Oklahoma and Illinois, Xanadoo, one of the largest "fourth generation" (4G) wireless operators, is using the 2.5 GHz spectrum to provide consumer and small to medium-sized business (SMB) offerings in wireless high-speed Internet and related broadband services.

"When evaluating potential WiMAX solutions the choice was clear: Cisco is a global leader in mobile WiMAX broadband wireless solutions and a market leader in advanced network technologies," said Mark Pagon, CEO of Xanadoo. "We selected Cisco because we believed that Cisco's innovative, beam-forming technology would make it the most cost-effective, highest-performing 4G wireless technology solution. Our experience with Cisco deployments, which now provide 4G wireless broadband to approximately 1 million covered Points of Presence, has exceeded our expectations and enabled us to compete effectively against incumbent DSL and cable providers, as well as 4G wireless Internet service providers such as Clearwire."

Xanadoo is now expanding into new markets like Springfield and Decatur, Ill. In addition, it is upgrading its service in Texas and Oklahoma with the latest Cisco mobile WiMAX technologies. To date, Xanadoo has deployed Cisco mobile WiMAX base stations and customer premise equipment (CPE) equipment in those U.S. markets.

About Xanadoo

Xanadoo Company is commercializing WiMAX wireless broadband technology over 2.5 GHz licensed frequencies. WiMAX, also known as IEEE 802.16e, is a wireless technology standard that offers users speeds comparable to wireline technologies, like cable and DSL, with the mobility of traditional cellular voice services. Xanadoo has rights to 2.5 GHz licenses covering approximately 8 million people in Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and West Virginia. Xanadoo is also a licensee of 700 MHz spectrum covering almost 156 million people in major markets, such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Miami, Tampa, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland and Seattle. Xanadoo expects that 4G wireless technologies will also be deployed in the 700 MHz frequency band. Information on Xanadoo can be found at