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Cisco Expands Physical Security Solution Portfolio

New IP Cameras, Access Control Products Deliver Complete Portfolio For Campus, Branch and Mobile environments
Apr 02, 2008

LAS VEGAS, ISC West - April 2, 2008 - Cisco today announced key additions to its Cisco® Connected Physical Security product portfolio, delivering new capabilities in Internet Protocol (IP)-based video surveillance and electronic access control that ease the convergence of information technology (IT) and physical security by allowing customers to integrate with existing physical security systems and IT infrastructures.

Today's announcement features new IP cameras and Cisco's first access control solution. Together, these offerings enhance situational awareness for making appropriate decisions on security actions. They extend Cisco's solution portfolio to help enable customers to establish cost-effective, modular physical security infrastructures that are best-in-class and easily interoperable. These latest physical security offerings support Cisco's vision of offering a single unified security product suite that enables users to integrate all security operations within the IP network. Utilizing the network as a scalable platform for integrating security provides businesses with several benefits, such as operational flexibility, greater protection capabilities, lower cost of ownership, and reduced risk.

"Physical security is becoming tightly woven into the fabric of the IP network, making the industry as a whole extremely exciting," said Bill Stuntz, general manager of Cisco's Physical Security Business Unit. "The network is the platform for connecting physical security systems of all types with other enterprise systems. This development helps bring the promise of converged security to life. Cisco can make this happen because we have the expertise in both IT and physical security to lead this charge. The security industry is very important to Cisco, and we are here to stay."

As part of its expanded physical security portfolio, Cisco announced the following:

    1.Cisco Video Surveillance IP Cameras

    Cisco's new high-definition and standard-definition IP cameras provide high-quality digital video surveillance capabilities for use in a variety of environments. The new camera models include:

    • Cisco Video Surveillance 4500 IP Camera is a high-definition camera that combines the best resolution, video compression and intelligent digital signal processor (DSP) available in a single camera. The new camera utilizes H.264 Main Profile video compression and a high-speed imager that captures video up to 1920 x 1080 at 30 frames a second. The Cisco Video Surveillance IP camera has an optional high-speed DSP completely dedicated to intelligent video functions such as video analytics.
    • Cisco Video Surveillance 2500 IP Camera is a standard definition camera available either as a wired Power-over-Ethernet (POE) or DC power through an optional external power supply, or as a wireless version supporting 802.11b/g/n.

    The new cameras feature a browser-based interface for easy installation and management and provide excellent image quality in variable lighting conditions. The new standard-definition cameras provide DVD-quality D1 video up to 30 fps and feature dual streaming so that users can adjust frame rate and/or resolution to control the quality of the video for different purposes simultaneously. Both cameras feature event notification so a camera can examine designated areas for activity and notify users or other applications when it detects activity that exceeds a predefined threshold.

    2.Cisco's IP-based Physical Access Control (PAC) system

    Cisco is introducing a comprehensive IP-based physical access control solution that utilizes the IP network as a platform for integrated security operations. The product includes both hardware and software components and offers a complete solution for IP-based Electronic Access Control. The new offering is built to work with existing door readers, locks and biometric devices. It targets campus environments and office buildings. As part of the solution, a hardware component called the Cisco Access Gateway provides a modular and scalable platform to connect readers, inputs and outputs to the system. The system scales from a single door to thousands of doors. The software component, called Cisco Physical Access Manager (Cisco PAM), manages the hardware and provides a platform for integration with other IT systems. Cisco PAM integrates with the Cisco Video Surveillance offering, delivering enhanced features while lowering the total cost of ownership.

The new IP cameras and access control system enable control and protection of an organization's assets and the safety of its personnel. The Cisco IP Video Surveillance solution facilitates integration with other security applications and systems, providing security professionals with simple integration and management, while also providing enhanced access to recorded or live video, locally or remotely, through the IP network.

"We are excited about Cisco's network-friendly video surveillance IP Camera because it is built as a true IP device unlike many cameras that simply have a daughter board to support an Ethernet connection," said Jim Mills, sales director for Benson, a systems integrator. "The advantages for customers and partners include lower cost of ownership,better security and quality of service through features like AES Encryption and network authentication.

"Cisco's entrance into Physical Access Control is very exciting. We can help customers connect the physical and logical security within an organization and these solutions will be much more cost effective and easy to deploy and manage. The advantages for partners and systems integrators include the ability to provide innovative best of breed capabilities to customers and reduce the total cost of ownership while providing innovative converged physical security capabilities."

In addition to systems integrators, the value of Cisco physical security is ultimately being realized in a number of security-conscious industries. At Kent School District in Washington, Cisco offerings are playing a key role in public safety and education.

"Obviously, education is important to us. It's what we do. But school safety is ultimately a top priority," said Thuan Nguyen, director of information technology at the Kent School District. "Security provides the foundation for us to provide a safe and fun learning environment. When I heard that Cisco was entering this market space, I was really excited. IP-based security camera systems are still in their infancy. As a result, the space is very crowded with a lot of small vendors that are here today and gone tomorrow. There's a real lack of standards. I look forward to seeing Cisco stabilize and standardize the IP-based camera system space."


The new Cisco IP cameras are scheduled for availability in May 2008. The new Cisco Physical Access Control (PAC) system is scheduled for availability in June 2008, with pricing varying by the number of doors deployed.