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Cisco Capital Engages Local Finance Organisations to Launch Innovative Financing Programs in Central and Eastern Europe

New research shows small and medium businesses in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland are ready to embrace new technologies
Apr 03, 2008

BUDAPEST, Hungary; PRAGUE, Czech Rep. & WARSAW, Poland - April 3, 2008 - Advanced information and communications technology is a key differentiator that can help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) grow their business, become more competitive and operate more efficiently within international supply chains. As part of Cisco's continued commitment to Central and Eastern Europe, Cisco CapitalTM today announced the availability of its EasyLease financing program through local finance organisations in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Cisco Capital EasyLease is designed to enable SMB customers to adopt state-of-the-art network technology quickly and easily through leases for Cisco® products and solutions under flexible terms and fast credit processing. Payments are made monthly or quarterly, helping businesses to maintain consistent and balanced operating and capital expenditures.

A recent survey commissioned by Cisco reveals that SMBs in Central and Eastern Europe recognize that technology can help them address business challenges, reduce costs and gain productivity. Many of them have upgraded their local-area network (LAN) or wide-area network (WAN) infrastructure since the beginning of 2005. LAN deployments remain an important area also for future investments, with 30 percent of surveyed SMBs planning LAN upgrades in the coming year.

However, there is still a gap between the usage of basic networking technology and the adoption of new network-based communication and collaboration solutions. Of the survey respondents, 32 percent use voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), 23 percent have a remote-access solution in place, and only 9 percent have deployed a storage-area network (SAN) in the data centre. When asked about future investments in information technology (IT), 18 percent of the respondents said they want to enable remote access, 21 percent plan virtual private networks (VPNs) for enhanced security, and 21 percent are intending to introduce a VoIP solution.

"The biggest barrier for SMB companies is not the technology itself, but the lack of funds to implement new IT solutions. Adequate financing can help remove budget issues, allowing companies to invest in advanced technology that will improve business productivity and operational efficiency while minimising costs," says Kaan Terzioglu, vice president Central and Eastern Europe from Cisco. "The competitive financing offer by Cisco Capital's local finance partners puts Cisco technology within the reach of SMBs, enabling them to increase productivity, equip their workforces with the latest communications and information technologies, and better position themselves in the local and international marketplace."

Cisco Capital is working with BPH Leasing in Poland and Raiffeisen Leasing in Czech Republic and Hungary to bring this offering to the market. Cisco Capital EasyLease is also available in Bulgaria via Raiffeisen Leasing and in Turkey via DenizLeasing.

The financing programme forms an integral part of Cisco's tailored set of products and services specifically designed for SMBs. This "whole offer" includes purpose-built and highly secure IP products that handle voice and data information in addition to support, services and financing. Cisco has also worked out a smart business roadmap for SMBs, a plan that matches short-term and long-term business goals with specific technology solutions to help meet those goals. For more information about Cisco's offering for businesses, please go to:

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