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Cisco Announces Cooperation with Peking University to Create Guanghua Cisco Leadership Institute

Collaboration Fosters Skills Development, Leadership and Competitiveness in Era of Globalization
Apr 16, 2008

BEIJING - April 16, 2008 - Cisco today announced its collaboration with Peking University to establish the Guanghua Cisco Leadership Institute in China. At a ceremony held at Peking University today, Professor Xu Zhihong, president of Peking University, Mr. Qi Chenyuan, deputy director general of the High-Tech Industry Department of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China, and Professor Zhang Weiying, dean of Peking University's Guanghua School of Management joined John Chambers, chairman and CEO of Cisco to commemorate the cooperation.

A key component of Cisco's multi-year innovation and sustainability initiative in China, the joint effort between Cisco and Peking University is designed to create tailor-made Chinese research and executive development programs based on a curriculum of collaboration, innovation and globalization, fostering leadership for the Chinese globalization experience.

Representing a USD $20 million investment from Cisco over the next three to five years, the joint initiative will focus on four program areas, including:

  • Research: Establishment of a research chair for the development of thought-leadership insights and the creation of case studies outlining opportunities and best practices for leadership and competitiveness in the globalization era
  • Executive Training and Action Learning: Education programs focused on collaboration, innovation and globalization enabled by networking technology as the cornerstones of world-class 21st-century enterprises
  • Seminars and Forums: Theme-based summits and events serving as venues for the creation of business development concepts and opportunities, showcasing industry luminaries and business leaders discussions of key business issues in China
  • Web 2.0 Technology: Education programs focused on the role and value of information and communications technology (ICT) including unified communications, Web 2.0 and Cisco TelePresence as key enablers and competitive differentiators for government and global enterprise leaders in the 21st century, and the provision of these technologies to Peking University

"Peking University is delighted to deepen our collaboration with Cisco. We will make the most of our advantages in areas such as program development, talent cultivation and educational research, and collaborate with Cisco to make the Guanghua Cisco Leadership Institute a leading educational platform in the country. The institute will be equipped with the information resources standard of a leading multinational enterprise, so that it can take advantage of rich global resources to act as the country's important station for scientific research and knowledge innovation, as well as an important bridge for international exchange," said Xu, the Peking University president.

"In a dynamic and complex international environment and with the challenging mission of domestic reform and development, China has made extraordinary achievements in implementing our policy of reform, opening up and modernization. In this critical period of economic transformation for China, it is important for our higher education institutes to proactively learn about the experiences and resources of globalization through working with an outstanding transnational enterprise like Cisco. We hope the Guanghua Cisco Leadership Institute will use its advantages to make substantial contributions to China's economic development," said Qi of the National Development and Reform Commission of China.

"We are honored to engage in this collaboration with Peking University, one of the most distinguished universities in China with nearly 110 years of history," said Chambers. "The Guanghua Cisco Leadership Institute is a natural extension of our cooperation with China's Ministry of Education to expand the Cisco Networking Academy program to over 500 locations across the country, and underscores our commitment to public-private collaboration in support of China's long term economic and societal goals."

About Guanghua School of Management of Peking University

In December 1993, Peking University Business School was established by merging the Department of Economics and Management of Economics and the Center of Management Science. In 1994, the Peking University Business School took its current name in recognition of a generous donation from the Guanghua Education Foundation in Hong Kong. Guanghua has established strong academic and professional connection with various institutions around the world.