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Nobel Laureate Al Gore and Cisco CEO John Chambers Host Virtual Discussion on Climate Change and Technology Innovation

February 27, 2008 WHO: Al Gore, Nobel Laureate and former
Mar 12, 2008

February 27, 2008

Al Gore, Nobel Laureate and former U.S. Vice President
John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, Cisco
Sue Bostrom, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Cisco

WHAT:    Al Gore, John Chambers and Sue Bostrom will come together in a virtual unified communications environment before a live audience of technology leaders to examine the critical role that innovation can play in mitigating climate change. The virtual discussion will also be streamed live via a webcast session for general viewing. Key discussion topics will include:

  • the latest observations of the effects of global warming and the impact of information technology
  • how businesses can reduce greenhouse gas emissions through innovation
  • how the technology industry can help create the most sustainable model for addressing global climate change

The public is invited to submit topic ideas and panel questions to:

HOW:     This event marks a technological breakthrough showcasing a new way of communicating and collaborating in which the panelists will appear as if they are in the same room even though they will be thousands of miles apart. This unique virtual discussion will take place via the Cisco TelePresence system with John Chambers, Al Gore and Sue Bostrom addressing live audiences simultaneously in London, England, Orlando, Fla.,and several other locations around the world.

WHEN:    March 19, 2008 at 11 a.m. ET (8 a.m. PT /15:00 GMT)

WHERE:     Technology leaders attending the communications industry conference, VoiceCon, in Orlando, Fla., will have the opportunity to watch the discussion live via a Cisco TelePresence system that will be placed on stage. The event will take place during Cisco's keynote session hosted by Cisco chief marketing officer Sue Bostrom.

WEBCAST:     To register for the webcast, go to

CONTACT:     Jacqueline Pigliucci, Corporate Communications, Cisco, 408.853.6389