News Release

Cisco Establishes the Academy of Digital Signage

Global Qualification Program Will Help Jump-Start Creation of Trusted Professional Content and Create Communities of Interest for Digital Signage Industry
Feb 27, 2008

LAS VEGAS, February 27, 2008 - Cisco® today announced the development of a new qualification program for media professionals looking to create trusted, optimized content for digital signage. The Cisco Academy of Digital Signage (ADS) will offer a specialized curriculum focusing on the three vital areas of digital signage: content creation, content management and content distribution. Enrollees are expected to include media professionals looking to add a marketable credential to their skill set, staff members of companies interested in creating digital signage content, and employees of Cisco channel partners planning to expand their digital signage solution capabilities.

Current Cisco content partners in North America with a focus on digital signage include Spinitar, PlayNetwork, PresentationPro and X-Factor Communications. Globally, partners such as MediaZest, Incidium, Dagobert and BlueFox have signed up for the academy.

"We value Cisco's contribution to developing content for the industry and feel this program is dedicated to the thousands of digital media professionals worldwide who are looking for ways to advance their skill set and achieve specializations in their areas of focus," said Kenneth Gisstennar, Spinitar's president. "We're excited to be working closely with Cisco to help develop a community of interest within the digital signage industry around content and become one of the first organizations to offer qualified media professionals to help move the industry forward."

After completing a three-day training program and passing the required tests, media professionals will receive a Cisco Qualified Digital Signage Media Professional (CQ DSMP) credential. This credential helps assure expertise in the following curriculum topics:

  • Content Creation will highlight best practices and methods for creating high-definition video on demand and network-broadcasted live video, multimedia and Web design, flash animations, still and animated images, text, dynamic content, and modular designs.
  • Content Management instruction will involve ingestion, organization, playlisting, dayparting and scheduling, and digital signage management and administration.
  • Content Distribution will include best practices and methods for content delivery networking, store-and-forward, IP multicasting, and streaming video (architecture, design and protocols).

"Digital signage is accelerating the momentum of the video revolution, and this program provides us with an enormous opportunity to help train the next wave of innovators and content professionals. Our aim is to help fill the content gap within the current ecosystem," said Thomas Wyatt, general manager of Digital Media Systems, Cisco. "Cisco's Academy of Digital Signage will give customers a trusted source for trained, qualified media professionals who can create compelling, optimized signage-ready content."

For more information please visit or contact In addition, visit Cisco's booth 876 at the Digital Signage Exposition in Las Vegas, Nev. Cisco will be raffling off several scholarships for the new academy throughout the show.