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Yokogawa Centralizes Information Technology Resources and Improves Global Collaboration with Cisco Wide Area Application Services

Cisco Technology Helps Centralize 34 Locations into 5 Data Centers, Cut Costs by Thousands of Euros and Deliver a One- Year Return on Investment
Jan 22, 2008

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, January 22, 2008 - Yokogawa Europe B.V is using Cisco® technology to help increase global collaboration, reduce information technology costs and centralize IT resources. Yokogawa can now share and exchange information faster and more efficiently, and reduce business travel with a Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) solution that has centralized 16 terabytes of data into regional data centers, making it easier to access information from any location.

Cisco WAAS has helped enable Yokogawa, part of the multinational Yokogawa manufacturing group, to consolidate IT resources from 34 European locations to five regional data centers in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy. The company estimates this is helping to save more than €100,000 a year because the Cisco solution removes the need to upgrade network bandwidth to branch offices. The company expects to save thousands more euros through reduced business travel because staff can effectively collaborate on projects remotely. Cisco WAAS helps enable businesses to centralize applications and data, but still deliver local-area network (LAN)-like performance to branch offices worldwide.

Better information and data sharing has also enabled Yokogawa to reduce data replication, caused by e-mail and saving multiple document versions in different locations, by 40 percent. Through the cost savings, reduced travel and productivity improvements, Yokogawa expects the Cisco technology to deliver a return on investment in a year.

Following the success of the Cisco WAAS deployment in Europe, Yokogawa plans to implement it across the world at its locations in the Far East, Middle East and the Americas.

Rob Tammeling, ICT manager for Yokogawa Europe B.V. said, "Yokogawa's strategic goal is to be a single, global business. We are working on many projects in co-operation with other regions in the business and a good, quick and stable network infrastructure is central to the success of these projects. We need to rely completely on our network infrastructure and without it we cannot do these global projects anymore and we can't deliver the strategic objective. Cisco is the company that provides us with the stable environment, it's products are good, stable and reliable and that's what we need."

Yokogawa initially chose a competitive product to Cisco, but found that the Cisco WAAS provided a much better fit with the company's global wide-area network (WAN) and centralized maintenance is easy to manage. Also, Cisco's global coverage, support and its impressive development capability persuaded the Yokogawa Global IT Committee to choose the Cisco solution.

Yokogawa's has deployed a Cisco Data Center Network solution across its European business region using Cisco Wide Area Application Networking Services (WAAS) and Cisco Wide Area Application Engine (WAE) Appliances. The Cisco Data Center Network solution also comprises a Cisco WAN and Cisco LANs.

"Yokagawa demonstrates how Cisco WAAS provides organizations with a powerful application acceleration and WAN optimization solution for the branch office," said Coks Stoffer, general manager, Cisco Netherlands. "Cisco WAAS improves application performance across the WAN environment and enables organizations to consolidate costly branch-office servers and storage into centrally managed data centers and deploy new applications directly from the data center, while offering LAN-like performance for remote users. Unlike traditional WAN optimization products, the Cisco WAAS solution offers significantly lower total cost of ownership for branch offices and data centers, ease of integration through network transparency, reliable voice and data deployment and maximized overall security."

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